How To Know What Others Think About You

Written by Tobi Warzinek

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what others think about you? You could instantly know if someone is dishonest or harbors harmful intentions and also see who’s a real friend and why that person likes to be with you. The possibilities are endless. Allow me to introduce you to an awesome technique that will help you to know what others are thinking. If you are dedicated, it will take you only a day to learn this ancient artform. Are you ready? So let’s get started:

Step 1: Understanding Thoughts

All I’m asking you to do in step one is to observe your thoughts during your normal day since this works in almost every circumstance. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness, therefore if you find that you have no mindfulness at all, I recommend to become familiar with our basic meditation technique fo beginners. We even have a guided meditation on soundcloud you could do.

Once your mindfulness becomes more stable and your mind is more established in an overall sense of calmness, you can proceed with this step. All you need to do is to direct your mindfulness towards the play of your own thoughts. Notice how these thoughts arise and pass persistently. Ask yourself these questions silently:

1. What are my thoughts made of?
2. Are they substantial?
3. Or are they reliable?
4. Are they mostly positive, negative or neutral?
5. Are they well structured?
6. Are you impressed by the content of your thoughts?

Step 2: Understanding how you think about others

So it’s getting a bit more specific here. I am asking you to look at thoughts concerning other people. How are they like? Watch as they arise and pass in your mind and ask yourself these following questions silently while you observe:

  1. Are these thoughts mostly kind or critical?
  2. Are you impressed by the way you think about others?
  3. Do any of these thoughts actually last?
  4. How do your thoughts condition your feelings?
  5. Are your feelings conditioning your thoughts?
  6. Where do they go when they pass?

Step 3: How to know what others think about you

This is the critical step. At the end of your day, when the sun sets you want to clean your house and light a candle. Once you have done that you’ll be ready to start this powerful ritual since by now you are empowered and open as you have successfully completed the first two steps (I hope). If you haven’t completed the first steps, don’t bother with the third as it won’t work. Sit down cross legged or on a chair and keep your back upright. Massage your third eye and recite these following lines aloud in front of a mirror:

  1. I am a human being
  2. There are thoughts flowing through my mind
  3. My thoughts are conditioned by countless other factors such as upbringing, feelings, society and media.
  4. They are impermanent and insubstantial – like a dream.

Take your time with each line – feel it, contemplate the truth of each line. Now you are finally ready to see the thoughts of others. While gently massaging your third eye, recite this magical verse aloud in front of a mirror (don’t forget the incense – it’s crucial):

The secret special verse that makes you awesome instantly:

Thoughts are passing through my mind,
like they pass through everyone’s mind
Unstable, Uncertain, Insubstantial
Just Thoughts

Coming from feelings,
Moving like the wind
Believing that thoughts have any real substance
I am entirely enslaved by thoughts

To know what others think about you
know your own thoughts
Furthermore knowing your own thoughts
You loose interest in knowing other peoples thoughts

Final Step: Rejoice in your newfound Wisdom

Congratulations, you’ve made it. You can now stop massaging your third eye 🙂 I hope you have seen that thoughts are just thoughts – just another thing to let go of, really. If we are still concerned about what other people think about us then it simply means that we haven’t really looked at ourselves yet. If you really look at yourself you will eventually laugh st all the fuzz about reading other people’s minds. Games such as these are in most cases nothing but an enhancement the ego would love to have in order to stand out and be special.

How to know whether your ego is just looking for a new fix or not? It’s simple: Ego rules with hopes, fears, future and past. It needs to compare itself, seeks to be better than others and wants special powers among other countless things. The sense of “self” never finds satisfaction and is easily offended. Of course it takes itself extremely seriously. Ego also takes thoughts (your own and other people’s) very seriously – it’s actually it’s main source of nutrition. The little self wants to feel superior. Due to its sense of righteousness you can easily throw it out of balance.

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