About Us

On this page you can learn a bit more about us. The Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center has been around on Phuket Island sine October 2009. Tobi Warzinek and his wife Parn Sakda have founded it. The idea to open a meditation Center in Phuket came up spontaneously during a Meditation Retreat. Prior to their journey together, Tobi has been studying Tibetan Buddhism in a Temple for 7 years. You can read more about Tobi’s background on his page.

Tobi started his studies in 2002 and introduced his wife to the practice in 2009. Parn has since been organizing Retreats, Workshops and Events. Moreover, she worked tirelessly to ensure that our guests are comfortable and well taken care of. Parn is practicing Meditation, Yoga and is currently training to become a coach. Tobi and Parn are also known as “The Brain and the Heart” of the Phuket Meditation Center.

Tobi and Parn

Our Mission

It is our mission to introduce people to the practice of honest and authentic mind-training techniques. By understanding the mind and it’s functions directly and deeply, we can actually learn to let go of suffering and unnecessary pain. Those who practice meditation regularly and sincerely develop the skills of attention and presence. Both of these qualities are desperately needed in modern society. They help us to connect with each other, nourish kindness and understanding and help us to be in charge of our experience. A person that is able to free the world from their own pain and misery becomes a true source of healing. It is our mission to offer the gift of presence, kindness and wakefulness to this world.

Dharana Logo

Name and Logo

“Dharana” is an old Sanskrit word pointing to a mind that is single pointed and unwavering. Such a concentrated state of mind allows us to truly see ourselves and this world in a clear and direct way. It gives way to a deeper discernment, transcending word and concept. The benefit of such insight is that it leads to the end of all fabricated misery, all pain that exists within ones own mind. It is this non-distraction that we are pointing to in our practice. We are pointing to awareness resting within itself in a non-distracted way. In a more simple way we can say that “Dharana” points to a single pointed and sincere practice without any fuzzy or mystical add-ons. It has to work – here and now!

Our drop like Logo illustrates this. There’s the red dot in the center. It stands for right mindfulness. Once we have established right mindfulness, this becomes our core practice. Coming back to what is true and real liberates us from the cyclic repetition of old and harmful thought-patterns. This is illustrated by the white cycle around the red dot. It opens and turns into a sharp tip instead of fully surrounding the central dot. The tip shows that right practice leads to a clear and empty mind, sharp and ready to work with whatever arises. Discovering and relaxing into this luminous knowing quality of the mind is what our practice actually points to.

Our Program

Dharana Meditation Excursions - Promthep Cape

Meditation Retreats

Discover our classic retreats which are ideal for beginners. We provide authentic training combined with an easygoing atmosphere in a comfortable setting.

Phuket Meditation Center - Regular Free Classes

Free Meditation Classes

Do you want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness? We have free guided meditation sessions every week. Everyone is most welcome!

Coaching and Counseling in Phuket

Coaching & Counseling

Our coaching and counseling program helps you to build lasting positive change in your life. Whether your priority is healing or growth, we have a solution.