Meet Tobi Warzinek

Tobi Warzinek has been working as a spiritual guide and mentor since 2009. His journey started back in 2002 when he entered the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Rabten Choeling. He spent approximately 7 years in the community as a so-called lay student (Upāsaka). During this time Tobi mainly studied the Tibetan language, mind-training and various meditation methods. Additionally he trained in traditional monastic debate and Buddhist philosophy. In 2011 he subsequently began practicing Thai (Theravada) Buddhist mindtraining within the “Forest Tradition”. Altogether he has dedicated his life to the exploration and refinement of introspection throughout the past 20 years.

Teachings & Work

Learning how to comprehend, consolidate and direct the powerful creative force of our mind is at the root of Tobi’s work. Nobody seems to enjoy their “monkey-mind”. In fact most use a tremendous amount of energy to avoid facing the chaos within. Various experiences of discomfort and suffering in our life often remind us that we need to change from within. Alternatively we might be overwhelmed by habitual negative patterns.

Over the years Tobi gradually developed and refined a systematic approach to inner calm and profound clarity. It is in such a state, that emotional and social turmoil can naturally heal. Moreover by cultivating greater awareness we develop the strength to break free from old destructive patterns. As a consequence we may create new space for personal and spiritual growth. Awareness is at the base of all our experiences. Knowing how to remain centered while living mindfully leads to spiritual health, balance, happiness and fulfillment.

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Come and join one of our upcoming events and learn more about the teachings. We particularly encourage you to bring your questions along and let Tobi know what moves you. In case you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.

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