Phuket Meditation Center

Over the past decade the Phuket Meditation Center has established an impeccable reputation as the best destination for those wishing to learn and develop an authentic meditation practice. Our success is largely due to our lifechanging Workshops & Meditation Retreats, our Mentorship & Spiritual Counseling Program and our regular bi-weekly Free Group Meditation Sessions. All set in an oasis of peace, learning and growth, located in the relaxing south side of Phuket Island. In short we are dedicated to the art of cultivating the mind and very serious about delivering authentic instructions to all who are interested in the subject of Mindfulness and Meditation practice in Thailand.

Important Information

This is a heads-up that the center will be closed from April 1st – 28th 2023. In April there will be no events or classes except for the One Day Retreat on the 29th. Maybe we see you there. We wish you all a nice break!

Meditation Retreats in Phuket

Great News! Our classic Meditation Retreats are back after a long break. We are happy to go deeper with you!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Meditation Retreats, Seminars, Online Events and more.

Group Meditation

We offer free meditation sessions every week and all are welcome.

Dharana Mentorship

For those who look for personal guidance and spiritual counseling.

Important Information

The center will be closed until December 3rd, 2023 as we are on retreat. During this time there will be no free group classes. We are sorry for any inconveniences and look forward to see you all again after our retreat 🙏

Learn Meditation Online

Here at the Phuket Meditation Center we are dedicated to help our students build a solid meditation practice. On our blog we cover many topics that support practitioners on their journey. We mostly explore the basics and the intermediate training, character cultivation and the development of insight. Our Free Online Meditation Course will help you to get started. And best of all – there is no catch!

More About Us

The Phuket Meditation Center has been offering regular group meditation sessions, retreats and various special events on Phuket island since 2009. We are focused on character development, mindtraining and meditation practice as well as the cultivation of insight wisdom. Throughout the years we have grown into a small community of dedicated students and practitioners. Together we explore the basic mechanics and qualities of sincere spiritual practice. The training of mindfulness and stillness as well as the inquiry into the nature of consciousness are at the heart of our events.

About the Phuket Meditation Center