Free Online Meditation Course

This free online Meditation course will help you to start with your practice. It covers all the tools you need to develop basic skills. Every article on here comes with guided audio Meditations, instructions and even videos. And if you would like to get the most out of these instructions I would recommend you to spend about one month with each session. That’s one of the best ways to learn meditation online with this course. We really hope you are enjoying this.

Take your time doing this course. There’s no rush if you want to build your Meditation practice with quality in mind. It’s better to take your time and ask questions (you can always contact us if you like). For this reason we have integrated a comment section below. If you do this course, you also qualify to join our Facebook Study Group. Just let us know that you do this course and we let you in. In this group we are helping all the students with regular teachings. We are answering their questions and provide guidance for all those who are genuinely interested in building a good foundation. For now we hope you are taking full advantage of this course and get good results.