Our Gallery

Welcome to our little image gallery. Here is where we share some of the most important moments of our life with you. Whether it’s little snapshots from our retreats, photos form events or videos and teachings, you can find it all right here. We invite you to dive deep and explore the unique world of our Meditation Center here in the beautiful south of Thailand.

The Last Few Years

As you can see, we organize our galleries so that the most recent pictures are on top. The further you go down, the older the pictures are. On this page, we go a long way back. We even have albums that reach all the way back to the year 2012. To see those, go to the bottom of this page, where we introduce more albums.

2021 has been a rather introverted and quiet year, due to the Covid situation worldwide. We didn’t actually conduct many retreats or public classes. Most of the year was spent in lockdown. However, we were really busy with our Meditation Mentorship and Spiritual Counseling Program and mostly stayed in touch with our dedicated longterm students for one-on-one online sessions.

Most of us experienced a lot of lockdowns, uncertainty and worldwide instability during 2020. It was an interesting year, showing just how fast things can change and turn upside down. For those of us, who are practitioners on the spiritual path, it was an interesting opportunity to go within and detach a bit more from the global madness of fearful thoughts and ideologies that were revealed in the face of Covid. Fortunately we had our practice to keep us grounded. In the beginning of 2020, there were still some events and retreats until the world shut down completely. Then we started with our new Mindfulness and Meditation Online Events later in the year – and it was great to reconnect with our students worldwide!

2019 was a special year for our teacher Tobi Warzinek. In March he had a major heart surgery, and so there were not so many events, workshops or retreats during this year. We were basically only active until March 2019 – then we started again in January 2020, just before the world shut down in response to Covid. Tobi used this year to focus on recovery and personal practice. We are thankful that all went well and he survived the complicated procedure.

2018 has been a wonderful and very active year for us. We are very thankful! We were fortunate to sit with many people from allover the world during our Meditation Retreats here in Phuket. We also met so many new faces in our regular group meditation sessions. Below, we share our highlights with you, but there is so much more material. It would definitely be too much for this page.

Phuket Meditation Center Fotos

All the pictures above were taken during the actual retreats, classes, morning excursions and events of the Phuket Meditation Center. This image gallery was recently updated. We will regularly upload new pictures, so you can see what we’re up to. You will see, that a lot of the fotos are from our retreats. We begin each morning with our amazing morning excursions, where we meditate, drink tea and explore the path together. It’s definitely the highlight of each day. It would be nice to meet you one day and share some of those meaningful moments.

Wanna see more Images, Videos and Media Options?

We have pictures that reach all the way back into the year 2012 – that’s 10 years of history! Feel free to have a look at our community, our events and activities on our public Photo Albums on Facebook. If you are looking for guided meditations or regular teachings online, we highly recommend you to visit our Youtube Channel. While we offer a lot of videos on Youtube (more than 400!) we are also active on Soundcloud. This is particularly helpful if you love podcasts and want to download the material in order to listen to it offline. Above all we are committed to helping you out on this beautiful journey.

If you are simply looking for updates, news and recent pictures, our facebook and instagram channels are surely the best. In case you have ever joined one of our events or classes, you can also join our group on facebook. This is a great spot to receive direct guidance and ask questions. We certainly do our best to discuss all of your questions in our upcoming events.