Friends and Affiliates

Here we list everyone and everything that we recommend and particularly related to what we are doing. We especially recommend the Taiji and Meditation Program offered by Heaven Man Earth International. Have a look at all the other options as well – great people, great skills! We hope you are enjoying all of these people, centers and activities. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.

Transactional Analysis

At this time Dr. Christian Warzinek looks back onto 25 years of counseling experience. Above all, his coaching work helps clients to enhance their communication skills in conflict situations. Especially in job-environments between employee and employer, in families between children and parents as well as in relationships between partners.

Andaman Wellness

We are hosting some of our upcoming events and retreats in corporation with the lovely team at Andaman Wellness. The founders Khun Patima and Andrew have been friends since around 2011 and recently started to organize events for different wellness providers across Phuket Island. We definitely recommend their service as they are truly committed to their guests and their wellbeing. See you at one of their events!

Discover Mind

The greatest thing about Discover Mind is that it doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an expert, total beginner, or even just simply looking at meditation to increase your well-being & vitality. All of these things and more can make Discover Mind invaluable on your path.

Discover Taiji

Learn to generate robust health, unified balance, and life-altering insight. All this without spending years on ritualistic practices that often lead nowhere. Moreover Discover Taiji teaches you the skills required to start building energy, mind and a genuine taiji body.

Kim White Yoga

Kim White is a renowned Yoga specialist. She invites you on her yoga journey of deep & gentle poses. These are especially helpful to evoke new levels of awareness in your mind, body & heart. It is certainly Kim’s uncanny ability to connect with people and provide valuable advice. Moreover she will show you how to strengthen your own practice. Subsequently her students are able to understand the practice of Yoga on a deep level.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Gerald Tur is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, an excellent Chiropractic and a very good Feng-Shuey practitioner. On Phuket Island he is well known and respected as a caring professional that truly knows what he is doing. If you have back-pain or general questions about health and wellbeing – Dr. Gerald Tur is the right address.

Shima Healing Center

Shima Healing Institute is a training centre of traditional healing arts on the beautiful and enchanting island of Koh Yao Noi, southern Thailand. The instruction at Shima Healing is especially focused on imparting unadulterated ancient practices. Shima is certainly empowering students to cultivate and embody the true essence of healing.

Ayurveda and Thai Medicine

Dr Choosri is without a doubt an expert of Thai traditional Medicine and Ayurveda. She previously worked as an instructor and doctor at several hospitals in Thailand. She consequently received her Bachelor in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Gujarat Ayurvedic niversity in 2014.

Visit our Friends

Most of the people and organizations mentioned above have been a part of our life for at least more than 8 years. Some of them live in Phuket, others are traveling a lot, offering international workshops. It should be easy to get in touch while you are here on the island. And if you love what we do here, you will surely like our friends. All of them are hardworking, sincere and kind – devoted to their arts. It’s also likely that you will meet some of them during our upcoming events. Let us know if you have any questions, you can always contact us.