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Here you can find all (or at least some) of your questions answered. In our FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”) section, we are covering topics that are of concern to you. Before you subscribe to our newsletter, you should not only know what we do with your data, but also how you can opt out or unsubscribe from this service. We are working together with a service called “Mailchimp”. They help us to collect and manage our subscribers and allow us to send out newsletters so that you can stay updated and in the know. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

We really care about your data being treated with respect and only choose to work together with services that are upholding customer privacy and security. We are using the service Mailchimp to manage our newsletter subscribers and our newsletters. You can find out more on how we are using and processing your information on our side in our privacy policy. Mailchimp do have their own privacy policy and this will apply to how they manage your data. You can find all their policies at

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