Duality and Change

This week I have mostly talked about the duality of life and our search for happiness and satisfaction within it. Over the coming time I will focus a lot on the most vital aspects of the practice. There are many things that are often left overlooked. Our practice might turn into a tool to “aggressively … Read more

Impermanence and Death

Impermanence and death – two of the topics that most people in this world tend to avoid at all costs. But did you know that there are some amazing benefits hidden in these age-old reflections? By befriending impermanence & death we are actually introduced to the awesome and breathtaking power of life itself. I have … Read more

Presence in the Face of Death

All of us share the same direction in life. Ultimately all of us who are reading these words will pass on. When death comes into our life and takes away someone we love dearly or threatens to stop our own heart from beating we are often left feeling helpless and terrified. It is during these … Read more

The Importance of Contemplating Death

The reflection on impermanence, death, decay and dying is one of the most important contemplations I have ever encountered. The reason for giving such importance to this point is that it can lead to a direct – and often radical – shift within my attitude. It creates a totally different outlook and opens up the … Read more

How To Know What Others Think About You

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what others think about you? You could instantly know if someone is dishonest or harbors harmful intentions and also see who’s a real friend and why that person likes to be with you. The possibilities are endless. Allow me to introduce you to an awesome technique that will help … Read more

It is like this

One of the most powerful sentences I have come across ever is as simple as it gets. My grandfather used to tell me that “it is just the way it is” or “it is like this”. We used to make fun of this type of saying when he was still alive – but now things … Read more

This too shall pass

“This too shall pass” is an ancient phrase that has helped many of us to keep their sanity in difficult situations. The simplicity and power of this little statement goes far beyond just contemplating that a problem will turn into a solution eventually. It also reminds us that it works the other way round every … Read more