Great Meditation Teachings and Inspiring Teachers

Written by Tobi Warzinek

This week I am recommending some of the meditation teachings I often listen to. Those are the teachings that keep me going. They add to my practice and create a massive amount of motivation and inspiration to continue on the path. With the hope that some of these teachings may resonate with you and help you further your studies I am posting this little list today. I have made sure that the teachers listed on here are teaching within the framework of the practice you are learning with us. So it’s totally compatible.

Ajahn Brahm and his Teachings

Really love the teachings of Ajahn Brahm. He presents the Dhamma with so much humor and lightheartedness and I really love that. Life can be tough enough – and if the teachings pull us down further we might often loose our motivation all together. Ajahn Brahm has a beautiful way of delivering the timeless teachings of the Buddha to modern people who live in modern environments. I find him and his teachings very truthful, uplifting and heart-warming.

Ajahns Videos
Ajahn Brahm Books
Buddhist Society Website

Thanissaro Bhikku and his Teachings

Thanissaro Bikkhu is a teacher that delivers Buddhist teachings with great precision. As a scholar that has translated thousands of ancient Buddhist texts into the English language and a meditator that has extensive experience on the path his teachings are relevant, timely and very honest. I love the way he discusses breathing meditation and find myself inspired by how he presents the Buddhas teachings with so much precision. I recommend to listen to this masters teachings if you would like to understand more about Buddhist Mind Training in particular.

Dhamma Talk Videos
Thanissaro Bhikku Books
Translations of the Pali Canon
Wat Metta Monastery

Ajahn Sumedho and his Teachings

I find Ajahn Sumedho a fantastic teacher who conveys the aspect of simplicity concerning Meditation practice in a beautiful way. He particularly points to the “Here and Now” as the place where the internal work is done and I perceive his emphasis to be on the truth of “the way it is”. His work is often helping me to realize how entangled I can get within the vast network of thoughts and speculations. I find this teacher very grounding, direct and easy to understand. Within me, he inspires wakefulness, attention and clear seeing easily.

Ajahn Sumedho Videos
Dhamma Talks
Ajahn Sumedhos Books
Amaravati Monastery

Ajahn Adam Mizner and his Teachings

Adam Mizner is a realized Meditation master who has spent many years under the direct guidance of ven. Luang Phor Jumnian Silasettho. His teachings are direct and carry the power of someone that has directly tasted truth for himself. The thing I really like about Adam is that he is able to relate to laypeople like me. That’s probably because he has practiced and attained as a layperson – which means that he is not an ordained monk. He lives with the same world as you and me and shows that practicing the path is not a matter of location but of internal work that leads to direct results. He’s currently traveling the world teaching authentic Taiji Quan and Meditation. Make sure to meet him when he’s around or check out his teachings online.

Dhamma Talks
Taiji Videos
Adam Mizners Website

Eckart Tolle and his Teachings

Eckart Tolle is someone that gets me out of my head and back into reality really fast. I also really appreciate his lightheartedness and very special humor. Eckart has reached millions and has made the practice of turning within more popular. So many people who I have met have found access to the practice of Meditation through his books or his talks. When listening to him I can feel the profound honesty and the impact of his words on my heart. His teachings are poetical, simple and incredibly profound at the same time. It’s very enjoyable and motivating to listen to. Definitely not a waste of time!

Videos and Talks
Eckart Tolles Books
Eckart Tolle Website

There’s definitely more teachers that I find inspiring and very transformative. However I think that the materials provided on here are more than enough for any serious student to start studying, contemplating and practicing Meditation. What’s most important though is that you relate to your own teacher when it comes to your practice. You ideally have learned meditation from your teacher in real life – not online. When your practice shows results you should always check with your teacher directly. That’s very important! The materials provided on here are merely supposed to help you stay on track or to find a teacher you trust. The real work has to be done with the help of your teacher and your friends who are on the same path in real life – not online.

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  1. Thank you Tobi! Over the last 6 months the books of Ajahn Sumedho, especially his book “The Mind and the Way”, and Eckhart Tolle have helped me greatly. What books would you recommend with regard to connecting to and strengthening the “inner body”?

    Warm regards,


  2. Thank you Tobi! In addition to your teachings the books of Ajahn Sumedho, especially his book “The Mind and the Way”, and Eckhart Tolle have helped me greatly. What books would you recommend with regard to connecting to and strengthening the “inner body”?

    Warm regards,



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