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Written by Tobi Warzinek

This week I will introduce you to my top 7 lucid dreaming books and 2 great online courses. You might be wondering what “Lucid Dreaming” actually is. To make it short, it means that you know that you are dreaming while your body is still asleep. You are consciously within your very own virtual dreamworld and the possibilities are truly limitless. We can use lucid dreaming for self-healing, spiritual practice or simply for having fun in any way we can imagine.

Lucid dreaming is a fantastic way to supercharge your meditation practice and make the night really interesting and fun again. By the way, we also recommend you to have a look at our list of inspiring meditation teachers and teachings. It can help you if you are suffering from nightmares, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety and many other modern-day mental problems. If we can learn how to lucid dream the right way, it will truly open the doors to the magical world of our subconscious mind. Today I would like to introduce you to 7 books and 2 online courses, that have helped me a great deal to understand the practice and create solid results within a short time. Here we go:

1 Lucid Dreaming: A Beginners Guide by Charlie Morley

This book is ideal for you if you would like to know what this practice is all about. Charlie has a gift of explaining the art of lucid dreaming in very clear and accessible ways. It’s short and crisp, a very good and practical introduction for beginners. This book and the next one are always ready at my bedside.

2 Dreams of Awakening by Charlie Morley

I see this book as a more extensive version of the one I mention before that. I consider this one a definite “must-read” for everyone interested in exploring lucid dreaming in a  fun and modern way. Charlie Morley is training within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and so the practice is presented in way that’s compatible with spiritual/meditation practice. I love this book!

Charlie Morley’s fantastic Online Course is HERE

3 Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen La Berge

This is a true classic. Stephen LaBerge is something like the “pope of lucid dreaming”. His extensive scientific research, the level of experience and his great expertise in the world of lucid dreaming makes this book absolutely essential. If you are really interested in the subject and want to learn a whole lot to support your practice – go for that one!

4 Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner

Oh, and that’s another classic. Any list would be incomplete if I did not mention Robert Waggoners masterpiece. This book comes with lots of inspiring stories, examples and gives you great practical tips. It also inspires profound inner change via lucid dreaming.

5 Dreaming Yourself Awake by B.Allan Wallace

This book is a great pick for anyone who is seriously interested in the practice of deep meditation. It teaches mostly how to use concentrative meditation techniques as a vehicle to enter dreams consciously. It also discusses the vast potential of lucidity to boost and even complete your spiritual practice. The background is also based on the Tibetan Buddhist Traditions of dreamwork.

6 The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

That’s another classic! This book gives you great tips on how to transform your waking life as well as your night in very specific ways based on the path of dreamwork in the Tibetan Bon tradition. I found this book particularly nice because it gives a great variety of techniques to transform the mind within its various states to aid lucidity.

7 How to Master Lucid Dreaming by Sean Kelly

This one was my first book on lucid dreaming actually. I also did the online course of Sean Kelly before I read it. I found it super motivating and positive. THese are things I really look for. I don’t want to end up frustrated and with a feeling of being overwhelmed even before I start. This book is very practical and a great starting point to learn all about one of the best techniques that are available nowadays.

Sean Kelly’s nice Online Course “Lucid Dreaming Mastery” is HERE

For now I wish you great lucid dreams. May all your nights from now on be filled with great inner adventures and a nourishing spiritual practice. Meditating in your dreams while the body rests. Imagine – what a fantastic way to spend your night time.

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