Presence and Goals – Adding Quality and Direction

How is it possible to live our life in presence while pursuing important goals? Are these two facets of being and doing not mutually exclusive? In this article I will talk about how to combine these two qualities skillfully. Having Goals & Navigating our Story If life was a journey across a vast ocean it … Read more

Great Meditation Teachings and Inspiring Teachers

This week I am recommending some of the meditation teachings I often listen to. Those are the teachings that keep me going. They add to my practice and create a massive amount of motivation and inspiration to continue on the path. With the hope that some of these teachings may resonate with you and help … Read more

The Obsession with Time

In this article I will reflect on the obsession with time and quantity that often creates doubt and confusion among spiritual seekers. “I have been sitting for 3 hours yesterday!”“I do 30 minutes every morning!”“How much meditation should I do every day?”“What are the best times for Meditation practice?”“How can I be aware all the … Read more