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Happiness of Creativity and Happiness of Release

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How to Meditate 2: Present Moment Awareness
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The Heart of the Path: Cultivating Honesty

Ah Happiness – the good stuff! The stuff that inspires songs and dances. It’s what you feel when you’re in love or when you have success with your endeavors, and when someone appreciates and respects you. Profound happiness emerges when you become calm on the inside, when you see the way things are. You might ask yourself: How can I get some more of life’s sugar? What are the best methods to build, maintain and deepen our experience of joy and Happiness? Let’s have a look and learn how to be happy together 🙂

The Happiness of Creativity

How do you like it when someone really pays attention to what you tell them? Does it make you feel good on the inside? Or remember when you bought a present for your best friend the last time, something that he really likes. How did you feel when you were handing it to him? Did it feel comfortable and uplifting? How did your mum feel when she fist held you in her arms?

This type of happiness grows when you are cultivating skillful and abandon unskillful actions. Skillful is everything that causes happiness, joy, comfort, wholesome connections with other beings and the like. Unskillful is every action that creates misery, bad health, conflict, fear etc. It’s important to notice that both skillful and unskillful actions are seen in relation to their results, the impact they have on yourself and the community of sentient beings.


How to Create more Happiness?

There are three gateways through which our actions enter this world. The first and foremost is the mind. Then there’s speech and finally there are physical actions. Among those three, mental actions are ethereal and fleeting, speech is a bit more solid and physical actions have quite an impact. However, the mind is foremost because it determines and conditions our speech and our bodily behavior. Knowing it we can use this system to our advantage.

It all starts in the mind. If the mind is in a good state, positive actions and wholesome speech just follows. So keep your mind in check – use the power of mindfulness to recognize the state it’s in. Once you see a poisonous or harmful mental condition, you have the option to transform it so that it becomes a beneficial. It all depends on your ability to see the patterns before you act them out – so keep training well. In short: Whatever mental state you are predominately cultivating will lead to an experience of an “external world” that resonates with that particular state. This works individually as well as in a large group. That’s precisely the reason why you can’t control the entire world with your mind – even if you focus super hard. The sailor has some control over the ship, but not over the sea and the weather.


Using the Law of Attraction to lead a Happier Life

Yes, it works to some degree. It can be a clever idea to “feel it before you hold it in your hands” but there can also be misunderstandings. Sometimes it can lead to the idea that “I control the entire Universe with my Mind” when there are clearly limitations. People also often feel guilty and ashamed when they can’t manifest what they want. They overlook the fact that you simply can’t have everything you want!

However you can surely improve your life using the law of resonance or the law of attraction. If your mind “vibrates” in a positive way – it is more likely to attract positive circumstances. If the sailor has a good mood, he is more likely to operate the ship well. Having a wholesome mind you will also welcome all circumstances in a creative and uplifting way. Creating goals, feeling that you already have attained them, and doing the steps it takes are all great tools to lead a fulfilling and happy life. The key is satisfaction, contentment and gratitude. Greed does not lead to fulfillment, no matter how much you can manifest – you will always stay empty.


The Happiness of Release

You can say that the above type of happiness comes from doing or not doing. This type of happiness here comes from letting go and leaving things alone. Sometimes we are so caught up in the rat-race of joy and pain that we forget to arrive. We also tend to forget seeing the world with some perspective. Human beings have been eagerly creating since thousands and thousands of years. However we are still quite helpless when it comes to sustainable happiness and genuine peace in our own mind. It’s still the same. People are angry, greedy and busy pointing their finger at others, blaming the world for their own misery. Things spin around and around for ages: War and peace, gain and loss, life and death… and it seems hard to wake up for the most of us.

We want, we get and we want some more. We manifest, attract and reach goals only to have more goals – never coming to an end we keep ourselves busy without ever looking at the one who wants so much. The happiness of letting go comes when you manage to leave everything alone for a good while. Get out of your “little god’s office” and cease to be a manager for once. Let it be! No need to be anyone, become a “someone with something”, get here or there. Just for 30minutes – can you honestly rest like this? No thoughts to chase or fight, no emotions to suppress, no need for distractions or any form of sense input. Just seeing the way it is and being at peace with it. That’s where the second type of happiness hides – in the space of no-becoming, the space of release.


Cultivating and Letting Go

See, know, let go, relax and be at peace here and now. This is our standard formula for practice. We let go everywhere, any time. But then we also cultivate what is beneficial and wholesome for ourselves and others. The result is a human being that let’s go of tension and cultivates what is good for the well-being of all. That’s one less human being with stress, anxiety, depression, tension, arrogance, anger, hate, fear, doubt etc… If more of us would practice like this, what would that do to our communities? But hey, if you prefer to be unhappy I suggest reading my tips on how to achieve that instead: How to be unhappy  😉


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