Suffering and Happiness

This week I reflect on Happiness and Suffering. What is it that connects these two forces. Can they be separated? Do they work in a linear way? Lot’s of questions – so let’s stop scratching our heads and dive into this fascinating topic head-on. Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings Here we list our two recordings … Read more

Happiness and Suffering – The Difference

The duality of suffering and happiness often leaves us scratching our head with confusion. What gave us a great sense of joy yesterday gives rise to the worst kind of problems today. What we worried about last month turned out to be the greatest blessing after all. Countless stories arise around the central topic of … Read more

Difficult Situations and Hardship

This week we will have a look at difficult situations and how to deal with them. What to do when the mind worries day and night? What to do when there’s no way out? Many friends find themselves stuck at some point in their life. Tragedy strikes, friends leave, we loose jobs or have to … Read more

Train the Mind in Three Stages – Balanced Practice

In this article I will clarify how to train the mind in three stages for the sake of long-term benefit and release from suffering. Sometimes people wonder what we are actually doing over here during our lifechanging retreats. So today I will summarize it for you in a very simple way.  Train the Mind 1: … Read more

How to be a little Happier – The Power of Decisions

This post is all about the good stuff, the stuff that makes your life worth living. It’s all about happiness – and happiness is a cool thing! It’s in fact so cool, that every living being is after it. We spend lifetimes seeking it in relationships, coconuts, rainbows, meditation, accommodation, holidays, work, in our body … Read more

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Instead of telling you “don’t worry be happy” I am here today to help you liberate your worries. Yes, that’s right – feel free to worry! “What?! Feel free to worry? But that’s a bad thing, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we be happy and elated all the time? Singing? Dancing? Aren’t we supposed to get rid … Read more

Happiness of Creativity and Happiness of Release

Ah Happiness – the good stuff! The stuff that inspires songs and dances. It’s what you feel when you’re in love or when you have success with your endeavors, and when someone appreciates and respects you. Profound happiness emerges when you become calm on the inside, when you see the way things are. You might … Read more