Awareness and Mindfulness

This week we are exploring some of the most important inner states. We are looking at awareness, consciousness and mindfulness. Intellectually understanding these experiences will help you with the practice. It makes it more accessible. Having said that, we have to learn to go beyond words and descriptions and practice well to directly realize what … Read more

Awareness, Consciousness and Mindfulness

Awareness and Mindfulness. This week I will clarify these two words and introduce the functions they point to. Mindfulness, consciousness and awareness are often confused or misunderstood. This initial misunderstanding blocks the gate that leads to efficient and smooth spiritual practice. Mindfulness Mindfulness is sometimes defined as “an ability to recollect”, “remembrance” or “knowing what … Read more

Headflix and Netflix – Awareness of Fabrication

This article is definitely for those meditators who do enjoy watching movies sometimes. I certainly do! Now, does that make me an inferior and downright unspiritual worlding? Probably! Should we all stop to entertain ourselves and move into a cave? Only if you are a spiritual Superman with Rainbow Ninja Powers – then you may … Read more

Quality over Quantity in Meditation Practice

We are creating our reality as we are going along – step by step. It all begins in our own mind. If our mind lacks quality, our steps lack quality. And if our steps are not rooted in quality, they will not lead to a fulfilling life. So today I will discuss the importance of … Read more

Time Management for Meditators – Three Times

How is meditation related to time management? They actually have a lot to do with one another. In fact – time-management is arguably one of the more important points when it comes to the integration of Meditation practice into everyday life. So talking about practicing Meditation but neglecting the aspect of time-management leaves the practice … Read more

Meditation Course 2: Present Moment Awareness

This is part two of our “How to Meditate” series in which I will explore the step of present moment awareness. If you haven’t done the first meditation exercise yet, you are building a house without a proper foundation. Please make sure to complete the previous technique before you move on, that way you will … Read more

How to be Unhappy – 5 Secret Tips

Let’s cut straight to the chase – you are here because you are way too happy. It’s ENOUGH!!! You need some sadness, some worries, some depression but you don’t know how to get there? My friend, we are here to the rescue with some excellent tips for all of those who want to know how … Read more

Present Moment Awareness & Planning

There you are, on retreat. The birds are singing, everything is quiet, there’s no need to worry about schedules, appointments or meetings. You can feel the wind on your skin and fully dive into the bliss of present moment awareness. Isn’t it wonderful?Yes it is… …BUT “how can I do this when I will be … Read more

Receiving Meditation Teachings Properly

Have you ever wondered how to receive meditation teachings from your spiritual teacher properly? It often appears as if simply listening to teachings, attending classes or reading about a specific subject means that we have “received a teaching”. There’s a subconscious belief that the accumulation of one’s intellectual knowledge and superficial types of “understanding” is … Read more

Life can be a Kind Teacher

When life doesn’t go according to your plan (and it does happen to everyone) you will surely feel some form of stress. You have probably been looking forward to something or you had hopes and now it doesn’t work out. In other words: Life has other plans. But life can be a kind teacher as … Read more