5 Day Meditation Retreats

Upcoming Retreats in Phuket

April 1st – 5th, 2024

May 6th – 10th, 2024

From 14,500 THB

(Approximately 415 USD)

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5 Day Retreats 2024

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Discover our meditation retreats in the beautiful setting of Phuket. Join us for 5 days and 4 nights to journey into presence and clarity. We invite you to take a break from the everyday and re-center yourself. Our retreats, ideal for beginners, offer an authentic path into the world of spiritual retreats.

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Upcoming 5 Day Retreats

Browse our schedule for upcoming 5-day retreats in Phuket, designed for profound spiritual growth. Ideal for beginners, these retreats offer renewal and insight. Discover your next retreat journey with us:

April 1st – 5th, 2024

May 6th – 10th, 2024

Programs and Prices

Our retreat features three distinct programs: Basic, Standard, and Deluxe, each crafted to cater to various preferences and depths of spiritual exploration. Please note, the prices listed below exclude accommodation.


14,500 THB

(~415 USD)


Morning Excursion

Guided Meditation

Teachings, Q&A

Private Instructions

Retreat Materials


17,700 THB

(~500 USD)


Morning Excursion

Guided Meditation

Teachings, Q&A

Private Instructions

Retreat Materials

Three Daily Meals


19,800 THB

(~565 USD)


Morning Excursion

Guided Meditation

Teachings, Q&A

Private Instructions

Retreat Materials

Three Daily Meals

Daily Yoga Session

The Basic Program is perfect for those exploring meditation, offering the flexibility to choose their own meals and exercise. The Standard Program provides three meals a day, designed for guests who want to focus on their practice without worrying about food. The Deluxe Program, our most comprehensive option, includes three meals and a daily Yoga session, ensuring a complete, holistic retreat experience. These options cater to our 5-day retreats, each thoughtfully designed to meet diverse needs and preferences.

All prices include VAT, guaranteeing transparency and no hidden fees, making your selection process clear and straightforward for your journey.

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Retreat Accommodation

Our retreat program does not include accommodation, providing you with the flexibility to choose options that best fit your budget. Given our proximity to the lively Soi Ta-ied, many guests find it convenient to arrange their own stay, seamlessly integrating their daily training with our retreat activities. This flexibility allows you to tailor the intensity of the retreat to your own pace and level of commitment, ensuring a customized experience that meets your personal needs.

Our retreats are hosted at “Coco Retreat Resort & Spa”, offering a variety of rooms, three inviting pools, a compact gym, a peaceful garden for walking meditation, and the convenience of a restaurant and cafe. We have really enjoyed working with them and have a strong partnership since 2018. For a more fulfilling retreat experience, we recommend booking your stay with them. Click the button below to reserve your room:

Beyond the options at “Coco Retreat Resort & Spa”, there are various nearby accommodations we recommend. We’ve compiled a short list of local hotels and resorts for your convenience. Click the button below to view our curated list of accommodations, all within easy walking distance.


Meals during the retreat will be provided at “Coco Paradiso Cafe & Restaurant“, catering to a variety of dietary preferences with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. If you’re interested in incorporating fasting into your retreat experience, such as intermittent fasting or juice fasting, we support and accommodate these practices. You can choose to follow the monastic tradition of consuming one meal a day, or you can indulge in the delightful flavors of fresh Thai cuisine, enjoying meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients, fruits, and vegetables, all made with care and love.

Choosing our most immersive options (Standard and Deluxe Program) allows you to select your meals each morning, enabling our chef to freshly prepare your dishes for the following day. We’re committed to accommodating your dietary needs, so please inform us of any allergies or specific food intolerances you have. Our flexibility ensures we can tailor our offerings to suit your requirements.


What our Guests Think

Daily Schedule

You check in with us on your arrival day (Day 1) in the afternoon. The event concludes on the last day (Day 5) before noon, following our final interviews. Starting from Day 2 through Day 5, each day begins at 6am with our remarkable morning excursions, which include guided meditation, teachings, and optional private instruction. For a detailed look at our daily activities, please refer to the schedule below:

Day 1 (Arrival Day)

14:00 – Registration until 16:30

17:00 – Introduction Teachings

18:00 – Dinner (Standard & Deluxe)

Day 2 – 4 (Retreat Days)

06:00 – Morning Excursion

09:30 – Optional Breakfast

10:30 – Free Time

13:00 – Optional Lunch

15:30 – Optional Yoga Session

17:00 – Meditation, Q&A

18:00 – Optional Dinner

Day 5 (Departure Day)

06:00 – Morning Excursion

09:30 – Breakfast & Interviews

10:00 – Checking Out until 12:00

Teachings & Meditation Technique

Our teachings primarily draw from the Buddhist tradition, reflecting our teacher’s background. We guide you through a foundational meditation technique that harmonizes concentration/stabilization (Samatha) with introspection/insight (Vipassana). The core of our retreat is breathing meditation (Anapanasati), aimed at centering and calming the mind.

Throughout the retreat, you will progressively learn to deeply relax your body, remain present, release thoughts to achieve inner silence, and strengthen your mind through focused breathing. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the practices of insight wisdom (Vipassana) and loving kindness (Metta) meditation. The goal of these teachings is to help you release stress and rediscover your innate sense of happiness, joy, and light-heartedness.

While our teacher’s knowledge is firmly grounded in the Buddhist traditions of Tibetan and Thai Theravada Buddhism, his teachings are renowned for their straightforwardness, practicality, and accessibility to everyone. We concentrate on the practical truths that resonate with each person. The journey begins with understanding how one creates stress and tension for oneself, followed by learning the process of releasing and letting go, both physically and mentally. Happiness, we find, springs forth in the absence of suffering, stress, and tension. At the heart of our events is the skill of letting go of unnecessary stress, paving the way for happiness to arise naturally.

The Teacher

Tobi Warzinek’s spiritual journey started back in 2002 when he entered the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Rabten Choeling at the age of 18. He spent approximately 7 years in the community as a so-called lay student (Upāsaka). During this time Tobi mainly studied the Tibetan language, mind-training and various meditation methods. Additionally he trained in traditional monastic debate and Buddhist philosophy. In 2011 he subsequently began practicing Thai (Theravada) Buddhist mindtraining within the “Forest Tradition”. Altogether he has dedicated his life to the exploration and refinement of introspection throughout the past 20 years.

Tobi is known for highly practical teachings that speak to the heart of those who seek truth, simplicity and freedom. His focus is on developing a mindset that seeks out what is true and lovingly receiving all things for what they actually are. He believes that a meaningful life is found in the balance of opening the heart and the cultivation of skillful actions. Those who are sincerely in search for truth and love, will enjoy Tobi’s presence and his refreshing approach to inner peace.


The ultimate aim of the traditional yoga path is enlightenment, or achieving a deep union with the divine. Our Yoga sessions are designed with this noble objective in mind, staying true to the original intent of Yoga Asana practice: to open up the body and clear away both physical and energetic blockages that interfere with meditation. Our instructors excel in caring for the body, mind, and breath/energy, focusing on reducing tension and boosting the flow of blood and vital energy (Prāṇa) across the body.

A good Yoga session results in your body feeling free, open, and flexible. On a mental level, you emerge rejuvenated, experiencing clarity and peace. Such a comprehensive approach lays the groundwork for profound meditation and personal development.

Through Asana (posture) practice, we develop strength, mobility, and flexibility, aligning the body in a manner that encourages the mind to more deeply engage with the present, achieving tranquility and a release from daily distractions. The deepening of breath plays a key role in relaxing and energizing the body’s connective tissues (fascia) and muscles, thereby improving overall health. This physical practice not only benefits the body but also lays a solid groundwork for the sophisticated evolution of the mind, fostering a path toward enhanced mental clarity and awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the frequently asked questions. We will continuously add your questions to this website. Therefore it’s always a great idea to contact us and ask if you would like to know something. If you are not sure about our program, you can ask us anytime. While you can easily contact us through our website, you can also send an email to info@phuket-meditation.com. Moreover, you can reach us through various social media channels, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Accommodation is not included in our classic retreat program. The reason for this is simple: You can make flexible choices that suit your budget! Throughout the past we have observed that many of our guests already have their accommodation nearby. Besides, we are quite close to the famous fitness and health street “Soi Ta-ied” and a lot of people appreciate to have a choice of combining their daily training with our retreat. This setup also allows you to regulate the level of intensity of the retreat. Not everyone is ready to go 100% from the start and commit fully to the program.

Absolutely, refunds are possible under specific circumstances. For detailed information and specifics, we encourage you to review our refund and returns policy, which outlines the terms and conditions comprehensively.

In essence, you are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your booking at least 90 days before the event commences. If the cancellation falls between 90 to 30 days before the event, you may qualify for a partial refund. However, cancellations made less than 30 days before the event will not be eligible for any refunds.

We strongly advise reviewing the complete policy for a thorough understanding of the refund process and its conditions before finalizing your booking. Should you have any further inquiries or require clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Once you’ve completed the registration form, you’ll be redirected to our secure payment gateway powered by Stripe to make your online deposit payment. This deposit is required to secure your reservation for the retreat. Upon successful completion of the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email to verify your reservation. If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam folder to ensure it hasn’t been filtered incorrectly.

Following the payment, we’ll register you for the retreat and promptly send you a confirmation email containing all the necessary details for your participation in the upcoming event. Typically, you should receive an automatic confirmation email shortly after completing your booking. However, if you don’t receive it within a few minutes, it could be due to an incorrect email address entry or the email being filtered into your spam folder.

Should you encounter any issues or not receive the confirmation email, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re here to assist you every step of the way and ensure a seamless booking process for your retreat experience.

Our retreat embraces flexibility, offering you the opportunity to personalize your experience with silence according to your own needs and desires. It’s not a strictly silent retreat, but we provide the option for you to immerse yourself in silence as much as you choose. Whether it’s for a few hours, a day, or even the entire week, you can indicate your preference for silence with a special card we provide. This way, you can engage with silence on your own terms, allowing for a deeply personal exploration of quietude without the constraint of enforced silence across the board.

Our morning excursions are a highlight of each day, offering an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty and serenity of Phuket. We venture to some of the most breathtaking and sacred locations on the island, where we meditate amidst cliffs, beaches, temples, and other stunning landscapes as the sun rises.

The morning begins with a guided meditation session followed by a refreshing cup of tea and insightful teachings for the day. Following this, you’ll have time for quiet reflection, allowing you to explore the surroundings, bask in the morning sun, or engage in personal contemplation. Should you seek personalized guidance, private discussions with the teacher are also available during this time. We then return to the resort for a nourishing breakfast, ready to embark on the day’s meditation journey.

Absolutely, we understand that online registration forms might not be suitable for everyone. If you prefer a more traditional approach, we’re more than happy to assist you through other means. Whether you prefer reaching out via email or giving us a call, you can find our contact details on our website’s contact page. Additionally, you can also send us a message on WhatsApp using the green chat button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Our team is here to support you every step of the way in securing your spot for the upcoming retreats. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you need assistance with the registration process. We’re here to help!

Rest assured, we prioritize the security and privacy of our guests’ information by partnering with trusted, privacy-conscious, and encrypted payment gateways. Your personal and payment details are safeguarded through established security protocols to ensure confidentiality and peace of mind throughout the booking process.

We take the protection of your data seriously, and our commitment to your privacy is paramount. For a comprehensive overview of our privacy practices, please refer to our privacy policy. If you have any inquiries regarding specific procedures or require further clarification, please feel free to reach out to us via email at info@phuket-meditation.com. We’re here to address any concerns and provide assistance as needed.

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If you have a question about our retreats, feel free to contact us here. If you would like to send us a regular email from your own account, simply write us at Send us an Email. We will do our best to answer within 24 hours. We usually answer emails once every day and look forward to read from you. You can also call us at +66 87 279 7655 or chat with us on Whatsapp.