Recommended Accommodation

Accommodation is not included in our programs and you need to book it by yourself. We currently do our regular weekly Retreats at Coco Retreat Resort & Spa and you are most welcome to stay with them. There are also many other nice places all around within walking distance. It depends on what you are looking for and how flexible you want to be. Below we list recommended accommodation options that are all in walking distance.

Coco Retreat

That’s where we do the Retreats They have their own gym, pool, restaurant and cafeteria and during the day you have the whole place for yourself. They also host tour groups which return most evenings from their excursions and it can be a bit lively/noisy at times.

Baan PhuChalong

~2 Minutes by foot from the Retreat It’s a very quiet place and well maintained. They have a pool and very nice rooms. It’s not far from the main place. There’s no cafeteria and no restaurant at the resort itself. It’s the neighbor of Coco Retreat and it takes about two minutes to walk to the classes.

Soi Ta-Ied

~15 Minutes by foot from the Retreat Soi Taiad is a famous street nearby where everyone works out. The little street is home to a livley community of health-conscious people. We highly recommend accommodation on “The Soi” if you are into training, fitness and health.

Forest Bungalows

~12 Minutes by foot from the Retreat Forest Bungalows are a quiet and affordable location in Soi Taiad. They are a 15 minute walk away from where we do the retreats (at Coco Retreat Resort & Spa). The resort is close to the many nice healthy restaurants and gyms in the famous Soi Taiad.

CocoVille Phuket

~17 Minutes by foot from the Retreat Cocoville Resort is a great place to stay, not too far from the main place where we do classes. It should take you between 15 and 20 minutes to walk over to Coco Retreat. The two resorts are related and offer high-quality rooms, food and service.