Awareness, Consciousness and Mindfulness

Awareness and Mindfulness. This week I will clarify these two words and introduce the functions they point to. Mindfulness, consciousness and awareness are often confused or misunderstood. This initial misunderstanding blocks the gate that leads to efficient and smooth spiritual practice. Mindfulness Mindfulness is sometimes defined as “an ability to recollect”, “remembrance” or “knowing what … Read more

Attention as a Facet of Loving Kindness

Did you know that attention can be one of the greatest gifts you could offer either to yourself or others? In this short article I am going to explore the idea that we can offer our attention to living beings or inanimate things in order to nourish them. Offering Attention to Living Beings Listening to … Read more

Navigating Meditation Sessions

Sometimes there are those little insights that help you a great deal on the way. In this article I want to share a few of those “tricks” that make my meditation sessions a bit more magical. By evaluating and using these tricks you can hopefully unlock some great new perspectives. I hereby invite you to … Read more

Like Water in the Desert

The key to good practice of meditation and to getting deeper lies in practicing the right path consistently with proper attention. Once your teacher has shown you the right path and given you all the instructions you should start putting it into practice diligently. Practice everyday without worrying about the results – just keep creating … Read more