Overcoming Fear with Kindness and Wisdom

Overcoming fear sometimes seems to be an impossible task. The emotion of fear and its army of related mental states is a deeply rooted – and very powerful – experience to get lost in. Sometimes I would refer to fear as the “king of shadows”, truly a formidable opponent! It can be very sneaky and … Read more

Fear and Worry

What to do when fear and worry invade the mind? These powerful emotions can easily influence and direct our thoughts, speech and actions. Fear can direct our attention in various ways without us being consciously aware of it. Like background-tasks in computers, it drains our energy and makes life appear dreadful. It fills our being … Read more

Certainty and Uncertainty

Today I am here to reflect on a topic that’s particularly powerful when it comes to the fabrication of of fear, worry and anxiety. The assumption that there’s a controlling me that can somehow make the future certain gives rise to many sleepless nights. This belief is often coupled with the idea that this sense … Read more

How to Deal with Worrying

Sometimes our mind will play through negative and terrifying scenarios and we get paralyzed by worrying, catastrophizing and fear. It is a fact that these states are not helpful when it comes to moving on and finding creative solutions. The function of worry and anxiety is to keep itself alive and give us an unhealthy … Read more

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Instead of telling you “don’t worry be happy” I am here today to help you liberate your worries. Yes, that’s right – feel free to worry! “What?! Feel free to worry? But that’s a bad thing, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we be happy and elated all the time? Singing? Dancing? Aren’t we supposed to get rid … Read more