Ego and Conceit

Are you better than me? Am I worse than her? Are we all the same? Who am I? Am I good or bad – or do I actually not exist at all? This week we are exploring the questions related to conceit and our Ego. What is conceit and who is it that experiences conceit? … Read more

Honesty and Sincerity

The qualities of honesty and sincerity are not only at the root of this path, they are the main elements of practice. Without them we will not be able to manifest results and progress. If our efforts are carried by honesty, they will lead toward the realization of truth. If they are lead by personal … Read more

Quality over Quantity in Meditation Practice

We are creating our reality as we are going along – step by step. It all begins in our own mind. If our mind lacks quality, our steps lack quality. And if our steps are not rooted in quality, they will not lead to a fulfilling life. So today I will discuss the importance of … Read more

Real Life and Truth

Real Life & Truth, an apparently profound topic often causing heated debate. This week I have decided to be brave and explore it a little bit. I am often confronted with questions such as “How to practice meditation in real life?”. So often, that have decided to write down my answer. I also find it … Read more

The Heart of the Path: Cultivating Honesty

Honesty is not just something you cultivate – it’s the heart of the path. We should never underestimate the importance of truthfulness and sincerity as our spiritual progress depends on it, much like the function of a boat depends on water.  The quality of honesty gradually deepens as you go along, culminating in the discovery … Read more