Attitude and Technique – Fundamentals of Meditation

There are many Meditation Techniques allover this world. A few of them are well known, others are only accessible to initiates. It appears to be the case that many people are concerned about these various techniques. They wonder which one to practice and for how long. But in our quest for the right retreat, the … Read more

Singing at the Traffic Light

Question:   “I try to practice daily since the retreat, so about a month (walking meditation, sitting, eating, awareness ..) and though there is definitely a global feeling of well being, I have sometime this feeling that it is getting a bit “obsessive/compulsive”. I was trying to let go control by meditation (which works!), but it … Read more

It is like this

One of the most powerful sentences I have come across ever is as simple as it gets. My grandfather used to tell me that “it is just the way it is” or “it is like this”. We used to make fun of this type of saying when he was still alive – but now things … Read more

Like Water in the Desert

The key to good practice of meditation and to getting deeper lies in practicing the right path consistently with proper attention. Once your teacher has shown you the right path and given you all the instructions you should start putting it into practice diligently. Practice everyday without worrying about the results – just keep creating … Read more