Four Sublime Attitudes to Cultivate

There are four sublime attitudes that we can cultivate at any level in accordance with our skill. In this article I am not going into the various philosophical views that exist about them and I am also not going into any specific details concerning the traditional practices of the numerous Buddhist and Pre-Buddhist lineages. I … Read more

Attention as a Facet of Loving Kindness

Did you know that attention can be one of the greatest gifts you could offer either to yourself or others? In this short article I am going to explore the idea that we can offer our attention to living beings or inanimate things in order to nourish them. Offering Attention to Living Beings Listening to … Read more

The Healing Power of Kindness

There are only a few mental states that are as beneficial as loving kindness, compassion or deep inner calmness. The healing power of Kindness or “Metta” meditation can even extend beyond the reach of our own body and mind. By allowing the light of kindness to enter and expand in our being, we are actually … Read more

When My Mother Held Me For The First Time

One of the most important questions I have ever asked myself seriously was this one: “When my mother held me for the first time… how might she have felt?” Please just hold on for a minute and allow your heart to be touched a little bit by this… just a little bit. Try to imagine … Read more

Loving Kindness Meditation – The Benefits of Benevolence

Loving Kindness (Mettā) is one of the most powerful meditation subjects. The Buddha himself expressed goodwill as follows: “Whatever living beings there may be; Whether they are weak or strong, omitting none, the great or the mighty, medium, short or small, the seen and the unseen, those living near and far away, those born and … Read more