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Our regular 4 day retreats combine relaxing holidays with a deep and meaningful experience. They are ideal for beginners who want to enter the world of meditation retreats in comfort and at ease.

Basic Program Includes: All guided meditation sessions and teachings; Amazing morning excursions; Private tutoring; All study & retreat materials


Due to the current Corona-Situation, our Retreats are not expected to run anytime before July 2020. We will keep you updated in our newsletter and on here though. We hope that the situation clears up soon. In the meantime you can join our various upcoming online activities.


Our regular 4 day retreats in Phuket combine the practice of time-tested Meditation methods with the science of modern-day mind training techniques. During the program, we focus on two practical key components: Cultivating a genuine sense of wellbeing and Releasing Stress.

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Authentic Meditation and Mindfulness techniques are at the core of our events and we encourage you to integrate every circumstance into the path. In order for the practice to show results, it should be based on simplicity and work everywhere and at all times in our life. We have created a unique program that offers deep rest and encourages personal growth at the same time. You will also learn the art of releasing stress by gaining direct insight into the nature of your mind. When looking through the mechanics of suffering and stress thoroughly we can rest well centered – even in the face of difficult circumstances.

Our Retreats are ideal for beginners, but we found that even intermediate and advanced meditators can thoroughly enjoy them. Instead of focusing on hard discipline and strict rules, we work with your sense of purpose and direction. We invite you to discover Meditation as a wholesome, fun and meaningful activity that has profound impacts on health, wellbeing and relationships.

We create a relaxing learning environment with daily excursions, small groups and lots of personal attention to help you let go of stress and build inner strength efficiently. Our program is well balanced and every aspect of it supports your training. Whether it’s our healthy vegetarian meals, guided Meditations, authentic teachings, daily Yoga classes, private tuition or our famous morning-excursions, it supports healing and transformation on all levels.



You will learn a complete and authentic Meditation technique with us. We also show you how to create the life you want from the inside out by using visualization, breath work and different self-healing methods. Throughout the program, you will learn how to increase mental acuity, clarity and your ability to concentrate. With more focus and inner stability, we become empowered to access deeper stages of insight and self-knowledge. Here’s what you can expect to learn:


  1. An authentic time-tested Meditation technique
  2. Discover the benefits of breathwork
  3. Learn visualization methods to reshape your experience of life
  4. How to empower the mind through stillness and rest
  5. Let go of thoughts and release restlessness and anxiety
  6. Go beyond time and enter presence to re-balance yourself
  7. How to integrate spiritual practice into your everyday life
  8. How to relax under pressure and cultivate resilience
  9. Gain more clarity and focus, increase concentration
  10. Releasing insomnia through special techniques
  11. How to breathe properly and help your body to heal


And much more!

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Here you can find the schedule of our Dharana Retreats in Phuket. We offer a very relaxed and well-structured program with daily excursions, yoga and meditation. That’s a lot of time to switch of, let go of stress and peacefully find your center. Below you can read more…


A Retreat From Start To End

Arrival Day (Monday)

18:00Dinner Time


Daily Routine (Tuesday to Thursday)

06:00Morning Excursions & One on One Tuition
09:30Breakfast Time
10:30Free Time & Self-Directed Practice
13:00Lunch Time
13:30Free Time & Self-Directed Practice
15:30Daily Yoga Class & Fresh Coconuts
17:00Guided Meditation | Q&A
18:00Dinner Time
19:00Free Time & Self-Directed Practice


Last Day Program (Friday)

06:00Last Morning Excursion
09:30Breakfast and Departure



On Saturdays and Sundays there’s no program but for those of you who are staying longer this time can either be used for quiet reflection or tours around the islands. How you spend your time during the free days is up to you of course.


Rates below are not including accommodation – it has to be booked separately. This gives you more freedom. Further below on the page you can find some of our recommendations.


Basic Program:
(Incl. All Sessions, Morning Excursions, One on One Tutoring, Study & Materials)
12500 THB
Standard Program:
(Incl. All Sessions, Morning Excursions, One on One Tutoring, Study & Materials, Yoga Classes)
14000 THB
Deluxe Program:
(Incl. All Sessions, Morning Excursions, One on One Tutoring, Study & Materials, Yoga Classes, All Meals, Extensive Aftercare)
16000 THB


Reductions and Special Rates

We are are offering special rates to our returning guests and long-term students. Also, we offer special rates to HME (Heaven Man Earth International) students and affiliates, members and affiliates of the Rabten Chöling Buddhist Center in Switzerland. We also offer some discounts for flight crew members. Please contact us to find out if you qualify.

Accommodation is not included in our programs and you need to book it by yourself. We currently do our regular weekly Retreats at Coco Retreat Resort & Spa and you are most welcome to stay with them. There are also many other nice places all around within walking distance. It depends on what you are looking for and how flexible you want to be. Below we list some great places that are all in walking distance.


Coco Retreat PhuketCOCO RETREAT: That’s where we do the Retreats

They have their own gym, pool, restaurant and cafeteria and during the day you have the whole place for yourself. They also host tour groups which return most evenings from their excursions and it can be a bit lively/noisy at times.

Baan Phu Calong PhuketBAAN PHU CHALONG: ~2 Minutes by foot from the Retreat

It’s a very quiet place and well maintained. They have a pool and very nice rooms. It’s not far from the main place. There’s no cafeteria and no restaurant at the resort itself. It’s the neighbor of Coco Retreat and it takes about two minutes to walk to the classes.

Soi Taiad - Phuket Meditation

SOI TA-IED: ~15 Minutes by foot from the Retreat

Soi Taiad is a famous street nearby where everyone goes to work out, train, learn Thai Boxing, eat healthy food, dance, float and practice Yoga. The little street is home to a livley community of health-conscious people. We highly recommend accommodation on “The Soi” if you are into training, fitness and health. We also offer a convenient shuttle service every morning if you stay there.

Forest Bungalows PhuketFOREST BUNGALOWS: ~12 Minutes by foot from the Retreat

Forest Bungalows are a quiet and affordable location in Soi Taiad. They are a 15 minute walk away from where we do the retreats (at Coco Retreat Resort & Spa). The resort is close to the many nice healthy restaurants and gyms in the famous Soi Taiad.

CocoVille PhuketCOCOVILLE PHUKET: ~17 Minutes by foot from the Retreat

Cocoville Resort is a great place to stay, not too far from the main place where we do classes. It should take you between 15 and 20 minutes to walk over to Coco Retreat. The two resorts are related and offer high-quality rooms, food and service.


We offer delicious vegetarian Thai and western-style food during the retreats. Enjoy real soul food and reclaim radiant health with our nutritious recipes. Balancing your meals the right way leads to a mind filled with silent clarity, ready to enter deep meditation with ease. Good nutrition, authentic teachings, comfortable accommodation, amazing excursions, relaxing facilities and refreshing Yoga classes work together in harmony to create a fantastic retreat experience.

Our Breakfast will be at around 09:30 every morning. We offer various delicious breakfast sets at the retreats. That way you will be strong and full of energy during the morning hours. Lunch is at 13:00 pm and Dinner at 18:00 pm.

When you check in you will choose what you eat together with Parn. You will then select your meals day by day. We respect any condition you might have – and of course special wishes – as we keep our group size small enough to allow for this. So feel free to let us know what we can do for you to make your experience even better.

We begin every morning with our famous morning excursions. We visit a beautiful location out in nature, have a cup of tea, receive the teachings of this particular day, take a deep breath and meditate together with the rising sun. For many guests, this is the highlight of the day. Once we have arrived at the location, we will start the day with a guided meditation and after that we will offer specific instructions relevant to the day. Once the teachings come to an end our teacher will be available for private interviews. You can also simply relax and enjoy the sunrise, the beaches, the lush forests and the fresh morning air.

Every morning we offer private interviews and tuition. Should you have any specific challenges or difficulties, please don’t hesitate to make use of this option. During these talks, you receive individualized tasks, practices, guidance, and support – depending on the issue you are currently working on. You might experience personal issues, trauma and hardship that you don’t want to discuss in a group setting (afternoon Q&A for example). This is why our teacher has decided to offer one-on-one tuition to help you personally with your challenges.

Our maximum group size is limited to 10 people. The reason for this is that it allows for each participant to get the most out of the experience. It also helps to create a nice and cozy feeling within the groups and allows the participants to not only grow as a person but also as a group together. The retreats are closed and become unavailable once they are fully booked.

We offer different Yoga classes every day in the afternoon from 3:30pm – 4:30pm. The classes will help you to open your body to release pent-up energy and create better circulation. Thus they help with healing, mental clarity and a general sense of physical well-being and ease. The classes are designed in a way to help you sit and cultivate a good meditation posture. The Yoga we offer is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. The teachers will respect your level and can help you to progress individually due to smaller group sizes.

Tobi Warzinek Meditation Teacher The background and personal practice of our teacher Tobi Warzinek is within two Buddhist lineages; Tibetan Mahayana and Thai Theravada Buddhist traditions. Tobi has studied and practiced Buddhist Meditation since the year 2002 both in temples and at home. He and his wife Parn founded the Phuket Meditation Center in 2009.
Tobi focuses on the mechanics of mind-training and his instructions are known for being practical and down to earth. Being simple and profound at the same time, his teachings have helped numerous people find more happiness and inner peace in their life.

He entered the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Rabten Choeling in Switzerland at the age of eighteen. His studies encompassed the Tibetan language, philosophy and dialectic as well as the practice of Meditation. He could stay at the monastery as a lay student (Upasakha) until February 2009. He studied and practiced under the guidance of ven. Gonsar Rinpoche and other resident teachers. He and his wife Parn Sakda founded the Phuket Meditation Center on Phuket Island in August 2009. After having studied in the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa Tradition for about 9 years, he met with his teacher Adam Mizner in 2011 and practiced Meditation under his guidance within the lineage of the Thai Forest Tradition ever since.
Tobi is known for his highly practical approach to mind training and meditation. He successfully organized workshops and retreats in various locations around the world since 2010 and currently resides on Phuket Island in Thailand. He works as the spiritual director and teacher at the Phuket Meditation Center.

The arrival and registration at the Retreat is on the first retreat day at the reception of Coco Retreat Resort and Spa between 3:30pm – 5:00pm. The retreats officially begin at 5pm. The program ends at around 11am after the last morning excursion and concluding interviews with the teacher.

If you look through our schedule you will find a lot of free times during the day. These times are unsupervised and unguided. The idea is to rest and relax deeply. Take naps, watch the clouds pass by, enjoy the pool, have a cup of tea, meditate and contemplate as your heart desires. We encourage rest and non-distraction. This means that you should avoid entertainment and big activities during the retreat. This will help you to completely reset and de-stress in just 4 days.

Here you can find probably all your questions about our Retreats answered. Have a look and see if it helps you out. Here’s our FAQ. In case you are not finding what you were looking for, feel free to contact us.


  • Yoga Mats
  • Meditation Cushions
  • Foldable chairs for those who can’t sit cross-legged
  • Retreat Booklet with Technique and Instructions
  • Umbrellas

Prior to any event that is booked with Phuket Meditation Co., Ltd., the client must sign a booking form in which they agree to our Booking Terms & Conditions. A copy of these Terms & Conditions can be found below. In entering into an agreement with The PHUKET MEDITATION CO,. LTD. for the supply of services, each and every contracting party agrees to be bound by all the conditioned exemptions and provision herein contained.

1. Payment Terms
The contracting party (the person who is booking) agrees to pay a booking deposit of 10% of total invoice value at the time of booking and the remaining 90% balance upon arrival at the event location during registration for the event.

2. Confirmation
The Company will only accept a booking upon receipt of the deposit fee. Once it is received a contract will be deemed to have been made. Until the booking deposit is paid, the Company shall be free to offer the date in question to other parties.

3. Cancellations & Refunds
If the client wishes to cancel the contract they must advise The Company in writing as soon as possible. Any cancellation of the contract will be subject to the following cancellation charges. For the avoidance of doubt the cancellation charges are based on the number of days before the arrival date of the event.

Days Prior to Arrival% of Total Invoice Value
0 to 14 days10% (The Deposit)
15 days or moreNo Charges, Full Refund

4. Changing A Booking
It is possible for clients to modify their booking any time before the registration deadline on the arrival day. Once the deposit amount of 10% has been paid, the clients’ attendance at the event is secured and considered confirmed. The client may later change the duration of attendance, add or subtract features and/or services. The client has to inform the company about desired modifications to the booked program before the final payment is made during registration and check-in.

5. Cancellation by The Company
Phuket Meditation Co., Ltd. will always endeavor to fulfill all confirmed bookings. However, the company does reserve the right to cancel events in case of an emergency. If the company cancels a booking prior to the commencement of the event the client will be offered an alternative date or a refund.