Consistency and Intelligence

This week we will explore the two powers of consistency and intelligence. Knowing them and being able to use them well will help you to progress smoothly on the path of Meditation. Not knowing them will lead to dabbling, inconsistency and meager results at best. Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings Here we list our two … Read more

Consistency and Intelligence with the Practice

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about two important qualities that will make a great difference in the way we practice meditation. I’m referring to consistency and intelligence. I find it fascinating how they support and influence one another. If you ever feel stuck in your meditation practice it might well be because … Read more

Quality over Quantity in Meditation Practice

We are creating our reality as we are going along – step by step. It all begins in our own mind. If our mind lacks quality, our steps lack quality. And if our steps are not rooted in quality, they will not lead to a fulfilling life. So today I will discuss the importance of … Read more

Suchness and Surrender

This week’s collected teachings focus on the area of surrender and peace. More than just talking about letting go, giving up or surrendering, I am questioning these ideas a little bit. Analyzing these concepts without putting them into practice is an error. Practicing without understanding the mechanics is an error as well. Nowadays many people … Read more

Skillful Surrender – Finding Peace

“Just surrender”, “just be” – thus they say. We may see it almost everyday online. Posts with inspirational quotes, spiritual stuff, apparently deep and “so true” (if you want to believe the comments below the quotes). While we might use the words “surrender” or “letting go”, we often don’t question it on a deeper level. … Read more

Overcoming Fear with Kindness and Wisdom

Overcoming fear sometimes seems to be an impossible task. The emotion of fear and its army of related mental states is a deeply rooted – and very powerful – experience to get lost in. Sometimes I would refer to fear as the “king of shadows”, truly a formidable opponent! It can be very sneaky and … Read more

Beyond Thinking – The Emptiness of Thoughts

What happens when you go beyond thinking? The space beyond discursive thought is essential to the practice of meditation. It’s the doorway to true insight. Without being able to go beyond thinking, the practitioner will stay stuck within confusion, agitation and many other basic obstacles. Therefore I will dedicate this article to the development of … Read more

Life can be a Kind Teacher

When life doesn’t go according to your plan (and it does happen to everyone) you will surely feel some form of stress. You have probably been looking forward to something or you had hopes and now it doesn’t work out. In other words: Life has other plans. But life can be a kind teacher as … Read more

Why Are You So Ugly

“Tell me one thing… why are you so ugly?” – This question hit me hard while I was standing there having an innocent cup of coffee in the dining hall of the monastery. One of the monks who was standing close to me started this very odd conversation with me. He looked at me with … Read more

Singing at the Traffic Light

Question:   “I try to practice daily since the retreat, so about a month (walking meditation, sitting, eating, awareness ..) and though there is definitely a global feeling of well being, I have sometime this feeling that it is getting a bit “obsessive/compulsive”. I was trying to let go control by meditation (which works!), but it … Read more