How to Deal with Worrying

Sometimes our mind will play through negative and terrifying scenarios and we get paralyzed by worrying, catastrophizing and fear. It is a fact that these states are not helpful when it comes to moving on and finding creative solutions. The function of worry and anxiety is to keep itself alive and give us an unhealthy … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Work with Challenging Emotions

Sometimes we need a fast and easy way to help us overcome stress and challenging emotions. Today I am going to introduce you to what I call my”emergency method”. I always use it when I feel overwhelmed by emotional storms. So without further ado I will jump right into the technique. I hope it will … Read more

Four Ways of Dealing with Stress and Suffering

Today I discuss four powerful ways that will help you deal with stress and suffering more efficiently. Often we are mentally unprepared when stress hits us right in the face. It makes sense to know what to do and practice it on a small scale before bigger problem surface. That way we can gradually build … Read more