People Pleasing and Self Esteem

People Pleasing and Self Esteem issues pervade our modern societies. Many people are unsure of who they are supposed to be. All of us are trying to get love and attention by using the methods that have apparently worked in our past. However, very often we fail to see the downfalls of our habitual pathways. … Read more

People Pleasing and the Fear of Rejection

In this weeks blog I will discuss a topic that is very close to my heart. My own psychological make-up has a lot of elements rooted in people pleasing patterns. These mental habits sometimes give me a hard time relating to myself and others with authenticity. As a people-pleaser I feel that I have to … Read more

How to Deal with the Fear of Rejection

When we receive a living being with loving care and attention it thrives. Nobody in their right mind would seek out suffering for the sake of suffering. Most of us fear rejection. We fear the thoughts of others, their emotions, their reactions. As a response some of us protect their frail self image with huge … Read more