Real Life and Truth

Real Life & Truth, an apparently profound topic often causing heated debate. This week I have decided to be brave and explore it a little bit. I am often confronted with questions such as “How to practice meditation in real life?”. So often, that have decided to write down my answer. I also find it … Read more

The Reality of Real Life Spiritual Practice

Let’s get real! Not that I am particularly qualified to go into the subject of ultimate reality or truth. But it’s none the less a wonderful topic worth exploring. So let’s lightheartedly reflect on “real life” today. It’s one of the questions that I am confronted with at almost every single retreat here in Phuket. … Read more

Presence in the Face of Death

All of us share the same direction in life. Ultimately all of us who are reading these words will pass on. When death comes into our life and takes away someone we love dearly or threatens to stop our own heart from beating we are often left feeling helpless and terrified. It is during these … Read more

We Wish You A Happy New Now

Both Parn, me and the whole Phuket Meditation team wish you and your loved ones an amazing and happy New NOW 🙂 May you find happiness, peace and fulfillment and may you share it effortlessly with everybody through presence and kindness. Small Steps Everybody desires to be happy, comfortable and at peace. Nobody wants to … Read more

Happy Now and Happy New Year

Happy new year! First of all I would like to thank you for your continuous support and your meditation practice. It is people like you that make this world a beautiful place. It is through your presence that you uplift others, restore what’s broken and heal old wounds. Life is truly precious and it demands … Read more

Challenging Emotions and Presence

Sometimes life gives us these beautiful and uplifting times. At other times it appears to crush us without mercy. However, it is those times of darkness that give us a chance to move towards the light and heal old wounds. In the spirit of letting go of the past year and moving on through presence, … Read more

Presence and Goals – Adding Quality and Direction

How is it possible to live our life in presence while pursuing important goals? Are these two facets of being and doing not mutually exclusive? In this article I will talk about how to combine these two qualities skillfully. Having Goals & Navigating our Story If life was a journey across a vast ocean it … Read more

Present Moment Awareness & Planning

There you are, on retreat. The birds are singing, everything is quiet, there’s no need to worry about schedules, appointments or meetings. You can feel the wind on your skin and fully dive into the bliss of present moment awareness. Isn’t it wonderful?Yes it is… …BUT “how can I do this when I will be … Read more

Walking on the Path of Arrival

Let me invite you to explore a little practice. It’s an approach I found very helpful. Its purpose is to open up a gateway that can directly lead to valuable insights. As a result, we may well tap into more constructive ways of directing our intentions and creativity. The technique called “Walking on the path … Read more