Finding Truth Beyond Views and Opinions

The possibility of finding truth beyond views, opinions, cultural and personal conditioning is what this path of meditation and mindfulness is offering us. But why go to such great lengths of study, contemplation and spiritual practice in order to find truth? Because truth sets us free – and in this article I am going to … Read more

Like Smoke – Subtle Body Awareness

Today it’s time to dive a little deeper and explore our body from within. Cultivating subtle body awareness is a fun way to explore the energetic system within our body. This can help us to better understand feelings, emotions and the way our attention works. It will be of great benefit when it comes to … Read more

Meditation Course 1: Technique for Beginners

Are you wondering how to meditate? Would you like to achieve good results within a reasonable time? I have decided to put a little free Meditation course to help everyone seeking to start an authentic meditation practice. In this article we are focusing on Part 1: A Meditation Technique for Beginners. This series hopefully inspires … Read more

Receiving Meditation Teachings Properly

Have you ever wondered how to receive meditation teachings from your spiritual teacher properly? It often appears as if simply listening to teachings, attending classes or reading about a specific subject means that we have “received a teaching”. There’s a subconscious belief that the accumulation of one’s intellectual knowledge and superficial types of “understanding” is … Read more

Basic Meditation Practice for Beginners

I’ve spent many years on the spiritual path being quite overwhelmed concerning the huge offer of meditation techniques, books, teachers and systems. For a long time I did not know where to start and what to do. I have received many teachings and studied a lot but I never came across a basic meditation practice … Read more