Finding Truth Beyond Views and Opinions

The possibility of finding truth beyond views, opinions, cultural and personal conditioning is what this path of meditation and mindfulness is offering us. But why go to such great lengths of study, contemplation and spiritual practice in order to find truth? Because truth sets us free – and in this article I am going to … Read more

How Gratitude can help Change your Life Instantly

Change your life instantly! Use gratitude NOW and discover happiness for free!!! I know, the title of the blog might come across a bit cheesy, but bear with me. I actually mean to talk exactly about the fact that gratitude can help you to change your entire life in an instant. In this blog I … Read more

Attitude and Technique – Fundamentals of Meditation

There are many Meditation Techniques allover this world. A few of them are well known, others are only accessible to initiates. It appears to be the case that many people are concerned about these various techniques. They wonder which one to practice and for how long. But in our quest for the right retreat, the … Read more

Beyond Thinking – The Emptiness of Thoughts

What happens when you go beyond thinking? The space beyond discursive thought is essential to the practice of meditation. It’s the doorway to true insight. Without being able to go beyond thinking, the practitioner will stay stuck within confusion, agitation and many other basic obstacles. Therefore I will dedicate this article to the development of … Read more

Compassion and Pity – The Differences

It is often said that compassion and pity are near-enemies. In this article I will explain why that is so and how to practice in order to give rise to authentic compassion. The benefits of compassion are manyfold, therefore it makes sense to develop it. So let’s have a look at the differences between compassion … Read more

Time Management for Meditators – Three Times

How is meditation related to time management? They actually have a lot to do with one another. In fact – time-management is arguably one of the more important points when it comes to the integration of Meditation practice into everyday life. So talking about practicing Meditation but neglecting the aspect of time-management leaves the practice … Read more

How to Deal with Panic Attacks in 4 Simple Steps

In this article I am going to introduce you to a simple four-step approach that will help you deal with panic attacks efficiently. It is by no means the “only valid way” but I am confident that this method will at least work for some of you out there. I hope that this little technique … Read more

Train the Mind in Three Stages – Balanced Practice

In this article I will clarify how to train the mind in three stages for the sake of long-term benefit and release from suffering. Sometimes people wonder what we are actually doing over here during our lifechanging retreats. So today I will summarize it for you in a very simple way.  Train the Mind 1: … Read more

Like Smoke – Subtle Body Awareness

Today it’s time to dive a little deeper and explore our body from within. Cultivating subtle body awareness is a fun way to explore the energetic system within our body. This can help us to better understand feelings, emotions and the way our attention works. It will be of great benefit when it comes to … Read more