Online Workshop

An Introduction to Reality


19 November 2022

16:30 – 18:00

Asia/Bangkok (GMT +7)

1200 THB

( Approximately 30 USD )

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Let’s explore the direct experience of reality together.
This is an invitation to look into the truth of what IS
and discover the simplicity of reality.

What is Reality?

What is actually true? This question has fascinated human beings for a long time. Some believe that our dreaming-reality is more “real” than the waking reality. Some think that reality is a subjective experience, others disagree. There has been much debate throughout the millennia, many opinions have formed and much has been said about this topic. This is why we are inviting you to join us on a journey that leads beyond opinions, thoughts, ideas, philosophy and conceptions. In this session we are going to explore a type of “naked” observation of what is. Taking our body and mental movements as objects of contemplation, looking directly into the bare reality of experience itself. In this process you will be introduced to a liberating and refreshing simplicity. When we see what is true, suffering will naturally disperse and fade away.

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Tobi Warzinek

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Tobi has been working as a spiritual counselor, mentor and coach since 2009. Before that he spent 7 years of his life living and studying in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Switzerland. During the last decade he has continuously refined his approach to mindtraining, meditation and spiritual practice. His teachings are known to be both practical and profound, gradually leading the practitioners into stability, wellbeing and freedom.

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This event is an online event. This means that you can participate from anywhere in the world – as long as it works out for you time-wise. If you would like to convert the time of this event to your own location, simply click the button below

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If you are unable to attend, we will provide you with the link to the recording of this workshop within 7 days after the workshop has been given. All participants will have 30 days of access to the recording once it has been published.

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How it Works

We are hosting this event on Zoom. If you don’t know the platform yet, you can learn more about it on Once you have registered for the event, you first receive an automatic confirmation mail. Within the next 48 hours we will then send you a personal mail which contains the registration link, the meeting ID and the password to join.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Just What the Heart Needs

Truly a great experience that gives you insight into your strengths and problems… Great for beginners and experienced individuals who are looking for a different type of vacation – meditation, yoga and digital detox.

Portrait of Daria Lagovska

Daria Lagovska

March 2019

Meditation with Tobi

I participated in one of Tobi’s meditation retreats and I can tell it was an unforgettable week. The way Tobi leads through meditation and the wisdom he told us everyday will change you.

Portrait of Alex Seibt

Alexander Seibt

March 2019

One Day Retreat

This one day retreat was very refreshing and I came home with deep insight from the all day event. I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to meditation and to veterans who are open minded.

Portrait of Akiko Igarashi

Akiko Igarashi

January 2022

Life Changing Experience

I am Thai and have been doing meditation since I was a kid. I have never successfully meditated for so long without of my own inner voice distraction. However, 5 days retreat with Tobi has transformed me!

Portrait of Thisana T.

Thisana T.

January 2022


Tobi’s teachings are eye opening and genuine and his teaching style is practical and to the point. An excellent choice for both beginners and advanced meditators. Classes are well structured and relaxed.

Portrait of Jad Mahjoub

Jad Mahjoub

May 2018

Inspiring Experience

Everything was great! I enjoyed every moment of it. Tobi is inspiring and a great teacher. I liked listening to him. Parn is so helpful and a great organizer. Overall a Big Like to this retreat program!

Portrait of Islam Seba

Islam Seba

November 2018

Meditation Course

I just completed the 4 day meditation course with Tobi and Parn and I am very grateful that I did. I learnt so much from the sessions. I would definitely recommend the retreat to everyone.

Portrait of Rachel Horner practicing meditation on a beach.

Rachel Horner

February 2019

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