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Most people might wonder what it is about Thailand that makes it so easy to discover yourself on a profound spiritual journey. Some think it is the ancient sense of deep spirituality pervading the air, others make the breathtaking scenery responsible Yet again some feel that it's the healthy cuisine or good accommodation as well as the warm and friendly nature of Thai people themselves that create an extraordinary experience of silent retreat and contemplation. We feel that there is truth to these aspects. We have discovered four specific reasons that explain why Dharana Mindfulness Retreats yield such powerful results. The ancient wisdom of Buddhist Meditation is a vital part of Thai culture.

1 Discover the Spiritual Culture of Thailand
Meditation Spiritual Culture ThailandThe "Land of Smiles" and its educational system has long been influenced by serene Buddhist monks preaching the principles of peace and the cultivation of heart. Here at the Dharana Retreat Center we focus on transmitting Thai Meditation Techniques in their entirety - without holding back. You can learn everything about these powerful and life-changing methods that the Thais have used for thousands of years.
2 Enjoy Healthy Vegetarian Thai Food
Thai Healthy FoodWhat we eat shapes our consciousness as well as our physical body. If the body is healthy and strong, it will be easy to reach deeper states of concentration (Samadhi, Jhana) and direct the mind. It is also particularly important to eat the right things at the right time. When regular, processed food attacks the body and causes sickness, we seek refuge in medication which often aggressively invades the biochemistry of our body instead of harmonizing it. Instead of healing illness with aggressive chemical medicines, we focus on preventing it by offering the right nutrition. We want to offer our guests only natural, rich, healthy and organic Thai food prepared with loving kindness (Metta) and Awareness (Sati) it does not only taste great but it also nourishes your heart.
3 Benefit from our System of Personalized Guidance
Phuket Thailand Coaching CounselingAll of our guests receive personal attention and highly qualified spiritual guidance. There is always a time when you can ask your questions in private or within a group setting. We treat everyone as a unique person on a very special road to enlightenment. Our spirituality unfolds best if there is personal and direct guidance from an experienced and caring teacher. Sitting with a hundred people in a huge training hall might boost the energy of the session but real success in practice comes from experiencing the expansive silence within our heart. It requires a qualified spiritual guide to set up a personal contact with our innermost being and that's exactly what we offer here. Please have a look at what our guests say to find out more about the great time they've had while they were here.
4 Relax in the Breathtaking Nature of Thailand
Breathtaking Thai Nature MeditationNothing is more powerful than starting your day with the rising sun, somewhere alone on a cliff or in a forest or on top of a mountain, surrounded by nothing but the elements and ancient wildlife. Slowly closing your eyes, listening to the pulse of mother earth all around you, soaking up the energy of a new day - a new beginning. It is undeniable that nature has an incredibly positive effect on our consciousness and heals our soul in a mysterious way. That's exactly why we go out every morning and soak up the energy of Phukets most energetic and secret places - far away from the hustle and bustle of "regular" Phuket. That's why I would recommend anyone to meditate in Thailand and visit us at Dharana for a fantastic experience you will never forget. The amazing natural abundance of Phuket is waiting to show her beautiful and hidden secrets to those who come and become one with it.
If you come here to learn all about the training of mind, if you are on a journey to find yourself, If you feel you need a new start - we are definitely what you are looking for!
We also offer regular free meditation sessions and excellent, world-class retreats. Definitely something you haven't seen or heard of before!
We truly look forward to meet you soon and wish you a great time browsing through our little page. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.

Reviews from our guests


By Freya S., Sydney

A truly rewarding and unforgettable experience. The location and surrounds were beautiful and Tobi and Parn were warm, welcoming and supportive. Tobi is a wonderful teacher and I found his passion and outlook inspiring and humbling. At first challenging, I quickly adapted to and appreciated the quiet and relaxed approach to life and came out with a greater appreciation for the benefits of awareness and mindfulness.
It was truly a wonderful and life-changing experience and I hope to return one day. Thank you Tobi and Parn!

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