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Thoughts & Fabrication

Fabricating Worlds - The Power of Thought
Fabricating Worlds – The Power of Thought
The Reality of Real Life Practice
The Reality of Real Life Spiritual Practice

In this weeks collection of topics I am focusing on thought and fabrication. Most people who are practicing Meditation are very aware of their thoughts. They know well that the creative force of them is at the base of their feelings and actions. Thoughts influence the way we perceive this world and ourselves. Knowing this intellectually is still not enough though. If you really want to dive deeper into the practice of Meditation, it is very important to learn the art of letting go. Learning how to let go is a very intricate process. It requires time, patience, practice and qualified guidance. I hope that this little summary will help you a little with this process.

Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings

Here we list our two recordings from last week's classes. The classes are held every week at the Phuket Meditation Center and are for free. Everyone is welcome to join! You can find out more about the free sessions on this page: Free Meditation Classes. we hope to see you soon :)

EPISODE 04: Thoughts are Empty

How is it that we can sometimes feel "attacked" or "overwhelmed" by our thoughts? It's because we see them as something real, something substantial, reliable and trustworthy. In this talk I am exploring the emptiness of thought as an antidote to overthinking.

EPISODE 51: Where Thoughts are Coming from

Have you ever wondered, where the birthplace of thoughts is? Where do they arise and where do they go when they fade? In this talk I am exploring the nature of thoughts and how to observe them clearly in terms of substance and direction.

This Week's Blog: Fabricating Worlds - The Power of Thought

Fabricating Worlds - The Power of Thought - Small
Thoughts are incredibly powerful. They are at the root of all human happiness and misery in this world. Most people are completely unaware of their thoughts. Perceiving themselves as the thinker they are lost within fabricating endless scenarios in their heads all day and night. Some people are aware of their brain-movies but have a hard time detaching from them. In this article I am discussing thoughts and how to deal with overthinking.

This Week's Little Insight: Dissolving Thoughts

On our Youtube Channel, we invite you to have a look at what we do, enjoy our tutorials, ask questions and receive answers. Let us take you by the hand and introduce you to our little meditation channel. That's where you can find lots of meditation tutorials and meditation teachings on video. Here you can stay in touch with us even after your retreat has finished. We look forward to see you there very soon :)

We hope that this little summary helps you with your studies and your meditation practice. Let us know down in the comment section below if you need anything - we are always ready to do our best in order to help you with your practice. We send you much love from Phuket and hope to see you (again) at one of our events soon.


Your Phuket Meditation Team,
Tobi and Parn

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