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The Dharana 21 Day Challenge
The Dharana 21 Day Challenge
Difficult Situations & Hardships
Difficult Situations & Hardship

(Before reading, please envision me floating on a cloud, surrounded by divine light and heavenly scents, talking down to you with a soft ethereal voice and a charming smile) "This week I have finally changed my name to "Sri Mahakumbha Artichakra ShantiSwasti Rupacharya Shastramani Guru Ji" in order to reflect my enlightened and exalted nature. Please only address me by my real name from now on, my dear students. If you do, I shall bless you with endless riches and good business opportunities. If you really want to take it to the next level, order my "instant dosa purifying energy cleansing holy water" for only 129,99 USD. It will make you invincible and improve your love life by 1376%. It's even approved by the circle of enlightened masters of the ancient times. All this - and so much more - will be yours if you devote yourself to this weeks teachings."

Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings

Here we list our two recordings from last week's classes. The classes are held every week at the Phuket Meditation Center and are for free. Everyone is welcome to join! You can find out more about the free sessions on this page: Free Meditation Classes. we hope to see you soon :)

EPISODE 147: The Benefits of Spiritual Guidance

Having a spiritual guide is essential on the path! There are several benefits but in this talk I will concentrate on the main ones: 1. Guidance 2. Challenge 3. Transmission. We can follow a guide for all the right reasons – or the wrong ones. So it's a very important topic!

EPISODE 148: The Problems with Guru Devotion

In this talk I will cover the problems with guru Devotion. A spiritual father figure is there to inspire us by example and lead us towards self-realization. A guru has to be honest and experienced. But the student has to beware of common pitfalls as well

This Week's Blog: The Dharana 21 Day Challenge

In this article I am going to introduce you to our famous “Dharana 21 Day Challenge” and show you how to properly do it yourself. It’s very easy! This brilliant system helps you to grow in all areas of life by providing necessary structure and favorable circumstances. Doing this you will easily reach your goals!

This Week's Little Insight: Guru Devotion

On our Youtube Channel, we invite you to have a look at what we do, enjoy our tutorials, ask questions and receive answers. Let us take you by the hand and introduce you to our little meditation channel. That's where you can find lots of meditation tutorials and meditation teachings on video. Here you can stay in touch with us even after your retreat has finished. We look forward to see you there very soon :)

We hope that this little summary helps you with your studies and your meditation practice. Let us know down in the comment section below if you need anything - we are always ready to do our best in order to help you with your practice. We send you much love from Phuket and hope to see you (again) at one of our events soon.

Your Phuket Meditation Team,
Tobi and Parn

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