Free Meditation Classes in Phuket

Tuesdays from : 11am - 12pm
Thursdays from : 7pm - 8pm

At our center, we offer regular free meditation classes to everybody who is interested in learning a proper technique or deepen their own practice.

Meditation & Mindfulness

It has been shown that regular mindfulness and meditation practice offers great benefits. While it keeps our mind centered and comfortable it improves emotional and physical health. By learning how to meditate and train the mind we become able to release stress and find a genuine sense of fulfillment in life.
No previous experience is needed and everybody is welcome! The classes are not religious and non-sectarian in nature. We deal directly with the mechanics of our own mind for the sake of cultivating genuine happiness and well-being here and now.
Each session is structured into three modules. We always start with a simple guided Meditation. After that, we offer relevant teachings. Every class concludes with a short Q&A section.


The first aspect of practice is about empowering the mind by directing and stabilizing it. A well-centered mind is the immediate cause of profound happiness and wellbeing.
Once the mind is calm and well rested, we can direct it to create a more fulfilling life.
The second aspect is based on awareness. By accessing deeper levels of consciousness we can learn to release suffering efficiently and find our true center.
This way we are able to enjoy ourselves and inspire others on much deeper levels.


The background and personal practice of our teacher are rooted within two Buddhist lineages; Tibetan Mahayana and Thai Theravada Buddhist traditions. Tobi has studied and practiced Buddhist Meditation since the year 2002 both in temples and at home. He and his wife Parn founded the Phuket Meditation Center in 2009. Tobi focuses on the mechanics of mind-training and his instructions are known for being practical and down to earth. Being simple and profound at the same time, his teachings have helped numerous people find more happiness and inner peace in their life.


The classes are free but if you would like to offer a donation, you are very welcome. All donations go towards local and international charity organizations for the well-being and benefit of all beings. If you want to see where your previous contributions have helped, have a look here: Donations

Upcoming Classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have free meditation classes at the center in Phuket. Everybody is welcome to join the sessions. Whether you learn Muay Thai (Thai boxing), are here for healthy holidays and want to loose weight or suffer from anxiety and depression - these classes are really good to learn the skill of grounding and help you to find inner peace.

The center is currently open and all our classes are running at the usual times. We update this page or our facebook page up to 3 hours prior to our classes.

You can also reach us through our contact form if you have any questions

You can simply join, no sign-up is needed. Just wear some comfortable and decent clothes (cover shoulders and thighs). Find your questions answered and feel at home within a relaxed atmosphere.

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