The Principles of Self Healing

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Would you like to learn what it takes to practice self-healing? Would you like to learn this in a practical way, without drifting into the abstract realm of new age esoteric thought? This event is a great introduction to the basic principles of life-force and vitality. Discover how you can use your mind in harmony with your body and how such a practice can lead to long-term benefit. We will cover all essential aspects to set you up on this amazing path. First we will discuss the necessary prerequisites and fundamental factors that contribute to good health. Secondly we will introduce you to the system of three bodies and how you can align them. Thirdly we will dive into a simple and powerful practice that will enhance your sensitivity.

This course is a great introduction to self healing. It’s practical and down-to-earth. You will mostly learn how to use your proprioception and apply tactualization (visualization incorporating the tactile sense). Furthermore we show you how to build mental qualities such as concentration and mindfulness to a high level. We will also cover some basic principles such as diet, sleep and rest.

WHERE:Our Online Classroom
WHEN:Saturday, 08 August 2020 – 11AM (GMT +7)
DURATION:90 Minutes
FACILITATOR:Tobi Warzinek from the Phuket Meditation Center
Dharana Events - Online


We will begin to meet online with the App at 10:45AM. The session begins subsequently at 11AM. With this in mind please be on time.

Dharana Events - Price


We are just starting out with online events. So the price is 0 THB per Person. However, if you want to give a donation that’s possible.

Event Registration

When you sign up for this event, we will send you the password to enter our online classroom. We don’t charge any fees in advance. Therefore please only sign up if you are sure that you want to take part.

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