Mindfulness – Beyond the Buzz

~ Upcoming Event ~

We invite you to take part in this special event. It’s certainly the perfect opportunity to experience Mindfulness together. Let’s look deeply into this quality which is undoubtedly mentioned often these days. We will show you what exactly mindfulness is, how to generate it and how to sustain it in everyday life. Besides introducing you to practical applications, we will explain you everything about it. In addition to this you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Therefore come and join us. Discover the various benefits and applications of this fundamental facet of traditional mind-training. You can also sign up on our facebook page.

WHERE:Coco Paradiso Resort
WHEN:Saturday, 18 July 2020 – 4:45 PM
DURATION:90 Minutes
FACILITATOR:Tobi Warzinek from the Phuket Meditation Center
Dharana Events - Location


We will meet at the reception of Coco Paradiso Resort at 4:45 PM. The session begins subsequently at 5 PM. Thus please be on time.

Dharana Events - Price


The price is 300 THB per Person. We also begin collecting payments at 4:45 PM. In order to pay, you need to go to the reception.

Mindfulness Event Registration

When you sign up for this event, we will know that you want to come. It helps us to prepare the place and set things up the right way. We also don’t charge any fees in advance. Therefore please only sign up if you are sure that you want to come.

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