Challenging Emotions and Presence


Sometimes life gives us these beautiful and uplifting times. At other times it appears to crush us without mercy. However, it is those times of darkness that give us a chance to move towards the light and heal old wounds. In the spirit of letting go of the past year and moving on through presence, last week’s teachings were mostly about transforming and healing our emotions. As usual I really hope that they are useful and uplifting in many ways. You can simply click through the links below and enjoy.

Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings

Here we list our two recordings from last week’s classes. The classes are held every week at the Phuket Meditation Center and are for free. Everyone is welcome to join! You can find out more about the free sessions on this page: Free Meditation Classes. We hope to see you soon 🙂

EPISODE 139: Challenging Emotions

Stop and Feel, Breathe Deeply and Slowly, Change your Thoughts about the Situation. These three steps are a very direct and powerful tool to shift the way you think and feel. Our thoughts and emotions are at the foundation of our actions and our actions cause direction in our life. So it makes sense to know how to shift our state in good ways.

EPISODE 140: Seeing Emotions Clearly

Instead of repressing, suppressing or avoiding our emotions we should learn how to receive them. Receiving our emotions is a way that can lead towards healing and personal as well as spiritual growth. Those who avoid emotions and disregard their language are in for an endless repetition of unsolved issues. Thus we should make an effort to get to know

Blog: 3 Easy Steps to Work with Challenging Emotions

Blog - Dealing with Challenging Emotions

Sometimes we need a fast and easy way to help us overcome stress and challenging emotions. Today I am going to introduce you to what I call my”emergency method”. I always use it when I feel overwhelmed by emotional storms. So without further ado I will jump right into the technique. I hope it will help you just as much as it has helped me!

Video: Using the Power of Emotions

On our Youtube Channel, we invite you to have a look at what we do, enjoy our tutorials, ask questions and receive answers. Let us take you by the hand and introduce you to our little meditation channel. That’s where you can find lots of meditation tutorials and meditation teachings on video. Here you can stay in touch with us even after your retreat has finished. We look forward to see you there very soon 🙂

We hope that this little summary helps you with your studies and your meditation practice. Let us know down in the comment section below if you need anything – we are always ready to do our best in order to help you with your practice. We send you much love from Phuket and hope to see you (again) at one of our events soon.

Tobi Warzinek

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Tobi Warzinek has been working as a spiritual guide and mentor since 2009. His journey started in early 2002 when he entered the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Rabten Choeling. He spent approximately 7 years in the community and studied the Tibetan language, mind-training and various meditation methods. Additionally he trained in traditional monastic debate and Buddhist philosophy. In 2011 he subsequently began practicing within the “Forest Tradition” in Thailand. Altogether he has dedicated his life to the exploration and refinement of introspection throughout the past 18 years. You can connect with Tobi on his page or on facebook.

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