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Ego and Conceit

Conceit - Three Types of Discrimination
Conceit – Three Types of Discrimination
How to really benefit ourselves and others
How to Really Benefit Ourselves and Others

Are you better than me? Am I worse than her? Are we all the same? Who am I? Am I good or bad - or do I actually not exist at all? This week we are exploring the questions related to conceit and our Ego. What is conceit and who is it that experiences conceit? Wow, pretty deep stuff right there. It's so deep that we probably need a superior-premium-deluxe-executive-ego to decode it - or is that a bad idea? :D

Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings

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EPISODE 171: The Three Conceits

This time I am discussing the three types of conceit. Conceit is a certain type of self-reflection that compares itself to other selves. There are three types of conceit. The conceit of Superiority, Inferiority and Equality. Comparing ourselves to others is a major source of unnecessary suffering in this world.

EPISODE 172: Good Ego Bad Ego No Ego

Sometimes, when teaching about the Ego or Self, the impression might arise that it's something bad. Many people have the idea that they have to get rid of the Ego as they perceive it as bad. That is not really true. The Ego/Self can actually be trained and serve as a raft that leads to the freedom beyond itself.

This Week's Blog: Conceit – Three Types of Discrimination

Conceit - Three Types of Discrimination - Small
There are three types of discrimination based on the experience of self and others. We also refer to them as the three types of conceit. I am talking about feeling superior, inferior or equal in comparison to others. Conceit – not only in the sense of pride – is very common and therefore it makes sense to discuss and explore it further.

This Week's Little Insight: Three Types of Conceit

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