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Welcome to our Little Meditation Blog. Here you can find our latest posts. It's regularly updated and filled with interesting articles about the practice of Meditation in everyday life. I hope it serves as a source of inspiration and valuable ideas that help you bring your meditation practice to the next level.
The Obsession with Time

The Obsession with Time

In this article I will reflect on the obsession with time and quantity that often creates doubt and confusion among spiritual seekers. “I have been sitting for 3 hours yesterday!” “I do 30 minutes every morning!” “How much meditation should I do every day?” “What are the best times for […]
Mindful Zombies

Mindful Zombies

“Mindfully floating through life in a state of total meditative bliss doesn’t pay my bills.” You’d be surprised how often I meet people who are wondering whether meditation renders them “useless”. These Questions come in all forms: “When I am meditating all the time will I be unable to do […]
Transcend the Ego by Taking Things Personally

Transcend the Ego by Taking Things Personally

Today I would like to share a simple technique with you that often helps me to recognize the ego and let go of pain. I call the technique “Transcend the Ego by Taking Things Personally”. It sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? But let me assure you, this little practice […]
Dealing with the Fear of Rejection

How to Deal with the Fear of Rejection

When we receive a living being with loving care and attention it thrives. Nobody in their right mind would seek out suffering for the sake of suffering. Most of us fear rejection. We fear the thoughts of others, their emotions, their reactions. As a response some of us protect their […]
The Heart of The Path - Cultivating Honesty

The Heart of the Path: Cultivating Honesty

Honesty is not just something you cultivate – it’s the heart of the path. We should never underestimate the importance of truthfulness and sincerity as our spiritual progress depends on it, much like the function of a boat depends on water.  The quality of honesty gradually deepens as you go […]
Happiness of Creativity and Happiness of Release

Happiness of Creativity and Happiness of Release

Ah Happiness – the good stuff! The stuff that inspires songs and dances. It’s what you feel when you’re in love or when you have success with your endeavors, and when someone appreciates and respects you. Profound happiness emerges when you become calm on the inside, when you see the […]
Looking Through the Spiritual Ego

Looking Through the Spiritual Ego

Namaste! I am sensing things, I can read your aura (pssst! You need to unblock your large intestine-chakra). And as a traditionalist, I sit in lotus pose for 3 hours without moving – biting through the pain. After meditating for 20 years in various secret monasteries, this has lead to […]
How to Know Your Future

How to Know Your Future

Can meditation help us to know our future? In this article I will introduce you the art that will reveal the unknown and make it known right away. Do you want to learn how to know your future? I will show you exactly how to see into the great mystery […]
How to Know What Others Think About You

How To Know What Others Think About You

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what others think about you? You could instantly know if someone is dishonest or harbors harmful intentions and also see who’s a real friend and why that person likes to be with you. The possibilities are endless. Allow me to introduce you to an […]
How to be Unhappy - 5 Secret Tips

How to be Unhappy – 5 Secret Tips

Let’s cut straight to the chase – you are here because you are way too happy. It’s ENOUGH!!! You need some sadness, some worries, some depression but you don’t know how to get there? My friend, we are here to the rescue with some excellent tips for all of those […]
The Healing Power of Kindness

The Healing Power of Kindness

There are only a few mental states that are as beneficial as loving kindness, compassion or deep inner calmness. The healing power of Kindness or “Metta” meditation can even extend beyond the reach of our own body and mind. By allowing the light of kindness to enter and expand in […]
Present Moment Awareness and Planning

Present Moment Awareness & Planning

There you are, on retreat. The birds are singing, everything is quiet, there’s no need to worry about schedules, appointments or meetings. You can feel the wind on your skin and fully dive into the bliss of present moment awareness. Isn’t it wonderful? Yes it is… … BUT “how can […]