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Welcome to our Little Meditation Blog. Here you can find our latest posts. It's regularly updated and filled with interesting articles about the practice of Meditation in everyday life. I hope it serves as a source of inspiration and valuable ideas that help you bring your meditation practice to the next level.
Fabricating Worlds - The Power of Thought

Fabricating Worlds – The Power of Thought

Thoughts are incredibly powerful. They are at the root of all human happiness and misery in this world. Most people are completely unaware of their thoughts. Perceiving themselves as the thinker they are lost within fabricating endless scenarios in their heads all day and night. Some people are aware of […]
Overcoming Fear with Kindness and Wisdom

Overcoming Fear with Kindness and Wisdom

Overcoming fear sometimes seems to be an impossible task. The emotion of fear and its army of related mental states is a deeply rooted – and very powerful – experience to get lost in. Sometimes I would refer to fear as the “king of shadows”, truly a formidable opponent! It […]
Certainty and Uncertainty

Certainty and Uncertainty

Today I am here to reflect on a topic that’s particularly powerful when it comes to the fabrication of of fear, worry and anxiety. The assumption that there’s a controlling me that can somehow make the future certain gives rise to many sleepless nights. This belief is often coupled with […]
Presence in the Face of Death

Presence in the Face of Death

All of us share the same direction in life. Ultimately all of us who are reading these words will pass on. When death comes into our life and takes away someone we love dearly or threatens to stop our own heart from beating we are often left feeling helpless and […]
How To Deal with Worrying

How to Deal with Worrying

Sometimes our mind will play through negative and terrifying scenarios and we get paralyzed by worrying, catastrophizing and fear. It is a fact that these states are not helpful when it comes to moving on and finding creative solutions. The function of worry and anxiety is to keep itself alive […]
The Dharana 21 Day Challenge

The Dharana 21 Day Challenge

In this article I am going to introduce you to our famous “Dharana 21 Day Challenge” and show you how to properly do it yourself. It’s very easy! This brilliant system helps you to grow in all areas of life by providing necessary structure and favorable circumstances. Doing this you […]
Patience and Airport Security

Patience and Airport Security

Patience… Well today is the 7th day that I am back in Baghdad and I have not stopped. It has been all go since the moment I landed and I am halfway through my aviation security training – 6 more days to go. We leave at 07:30 in the morning […]
Attachment and Detachment - The Differences

Attachment and Detachment – The Differences

In this post I am exploring the differences between attachment and detachment. I am covering two different facets of clinging and three ways to detach. This will hopefully help you to understand the practice of meditation in the context of letting go and release in a clear and concise way. […]
The Benefits of Visualization

Some Benefits of Visualization for Meditators

In this blog I am talking about the benefits of visualization and how you can use them on the path of Meditation. You will learn how to direct the creative powers of visualization in order to help you relax, heal and manifest your spiritual goals. I will also cover the […]
Happy New Now

We Wish You A Happy New Now

Both Parn, me and the whole Phuket Meditation team wish you and your loved ones an amazing and happy New NOW 🙂 May you find happiness, peace and fulfillment and may you share it effortlessly with everybody through presence and kindness.   Small Steps Everybody desires to be happy, comfortable […]
3 Easy Steps to Work with Challenging Emotions 2

3 Easy Steps to Work with Challenging Emotions

Sometimes we need a fast and easy way to help us overcome stress and challenging emotions. Today I am going to introduce you to what I call my”emergency method”. I always use it when I feel overwhelmed by emotional storms. So without further ado I will jump right into the […]
Four Ways of Dealing with Stress and Suffering

Four Ways of Dealing with Stress and Suffering

Today I discuss four powerful ways that will help you deal with stress and suffering more efficiently. Often we are mentally unprepared when stress hits us right in the face. It makes sense to know what to do and practice it on a small scale before bigger problem surface. That […]