Collected Teachings

Here we present a collection of summarized and related free meditation teachings in the hope that this will benefit and inspire you on the path of practice. It also serves as a base where you can see everything we do on a regular basis - so you don't have to go looking around on all the different pages. It's all here for your eyes and ears. Enjoy :)

Inner & Outer Posture

Inner & Outer Posture

This week I am going to introduce you guys to the inner and the outer posture in Meditation practice. The inner posture refers to our attitude and the outer posture to our physical shape. The physical shape might look perfect, but if the attitude is twisted fruitful meditation practice can’t […]
Headflix and Deception

Headflix and Deception

“Headflix” is what I call the incredibly addictive movie-making machine in our own head. Most of us are hopelessly subscribed, totally lost in the infinite amount of movies that play up there on a consistent basis. Here we will introduce you to a few tips that help to integrate meditation […]
Honesty and Sincerity

Honesty & Sincerity

Four Sublime Attitudes

Four Sublime Attitudes

In this collection of topics and teachings we are exploring the so-called four sublime attitudes. They are loving kindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna), Empathetic Joy (Mudita) and Equanimity (Upekkha). These four trainings will help you to build tremendous spiritual and wholesome power. This power will lift you towards greater attainments and […]
Suchness and Surrender

Suchness & Surrender

This week’s collected teachings focus on the area of surrender and peace. More than just talking about letting go, giving up or surrendering, I am questioning these ideas a little bit. Analyzing these concepts without putting them into practice is an error. Practicing without understanding the mechanics is an error […]
Real Life & Truth

Real Life & Truth

Real Life & Truth, an apparently profound topic often causing heated debate. This week I have decided to be brave and explore it a little bit. I am often confronted with questions such as “How to practice meditation in real life?”. So often, that have decided to write down my […]
Thoughts and Fabrication

Thoughts & Fabrication

In this weeks collection of topics I am focusing on thought and fabrication. Most people who are practicing Meditation are very aware of their thoughts. They know well that the creative force of their thoughts is at the base of their feelings and actions. Thoughts influence the way we perceive […]
worry and fear

Fear & Worry

What to do when fear and worry invade the mind? These powerful emotions can easily influence and direct our thoughts, speech and actions. Fear can direct our attention in various ways without us being consciously aware of it. Like background-tasks in computers, it drains our energy and makes life appear […]
Duality and Change

Duality & Change

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing week full of kindness. It is nice to receive kindness and it is wonderful to be able to give it. It’s probably one of the most beautiful things that human beings can share with themselves and one another. Sometimes however, we encounter […]
Impermanence and Death - Collected Topics

Impermanence & Death

Impermanence and death – two of the topics that most people in this world tend to avoid at all costs. But did you know that there are some amazing benefits hidden in these age-old reflections? By befriending impermanence & death we are actually introduced to the awesome and breathtaking power […]
Difficult Situations & Hardships

Difficult Situations & Hardship

This week we will have a look at difficult situations and how to deal with them. What to do when the mind worries day and night? What to do when there’s no way out? Many friends find themselves stuck at some point in their life. Tragedy strikes, friends leave, we […]
Guru Devotion

Guru Devotion & Spiritual Guides

This Week’s Introduction (Before reading, please envision me floating on a cloud, surrounded by divine light and heavenly scents, talking down to you with a soft ethereal voice and a charming smile) “This week I have finally changed my name to “Sri Mahakumbha Artichakra ShantiSwasti Rupacharya Shastramani Guru Ji” in […]