People Pleasing and Self Esteem

People Pleasing and Self Esteem issues pervade our modern societies. Many people are unsure of who they are supposed to be. All of us are trying to get love and attention by using the methods that have apparently worked in our past. However, very often we fail to see the downfalls of our habitual pathways. … Read more

Suffering and Happiness

This week I reflect on Happiness and Suffering. What is it that connects these two forces. Can they be separated? Do they work in a linear way? Lot’s of questions – so let’s stop scratching our heads and dive into this fascinating topic head-on. Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings Here we list our two recordings … Read more

Awareness and Mindfulness

This week we are exploring some of the most important inner states. We are looking at awareness, consciousness and mindfulness. Intellectually understanding these experiences will help you with the practice. It makes it more accessible. Having said that, we have to learn to go beyond words and descriptions and practice well to directly realize what … Read more

Benefiting Self and Others

Can we really benefit others? How should we do this? This week I will explore the relationship between benefiting ourselves and caring for others efficiently. I hope you enjoy and this little collection is beneficial for you 😉 Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings Here we list our two recordings from last week’s classes. The classes … Read more

Ego and Conceit

Are you better than me? Am I worse than her? Are we all the same? Who am I? Am I good or bad – or do I actually not exist at all? This week we are exploring the questions related to conceit and our Ego. What is conceit and who is it that experiences conceit? … Read more

Consistency and Intelligence

This week we will explore the two powers of consistency and intelligence. Knowing them and being able to use them well will help you to progress smoothly on the path of Meditation. Not knowing them will lead to dabbling, inconsistency and meager results at best. Our Two Weekly Audio Teachings Here we list our two … Read more

Inner and Outer Posture

This week I am going to introduce you guys to the inner and the outer posture in Meditation practice. The inner posture refers to our attitude and the outer posture to our physical shape. The physical shape might look perfect, but if the attitude is twisted fruitful meditation practice can’t exist. Therefore we should become … Read more

Headflix and Deception

“Headflix” is what I call the incredibly addictive movie-making machine in our own head. Most of us are hopelessly subscribed, totally lost in the infinite amount of movies that play up there on a consistent basis. Here we will introduce you to a few tips that help to integrate meditation and entertainment, drama and wisdom. … Read more

Honesty and Sincerity

The qualities of honesty and sincerity are not only at the root of this path, they are the main elements of practice. Without them we will not be able to manifest results and progress. If our efforts are carried by honesty, they will lead toward the realization of truth. If they are lead by personal … Read more

Four Sublime Attitudes

In this collection of topics and teachings we are exploring the so-called four sublime attitudes. They are loving kindness (Metta), Compassion (Karuna), Empathetic Joy (Mudita) and Equanimity (Upekkha). These four trainings will certainly help you to build tremendous spiritual and wholesome power. Above all, this power will lift you towards greater attainments and depth on … Read more