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Phuket Thailand Coaching One-on-OneLife coaching is a fantastic way of actively pursuing certain goals together with a coach who supports you with every step. Coaching focuses less on the problems at hand and where they come from but more on the solutions as well as actively cultivating them. While counseling dedicates energy to discovering the causes and the removal of pain through talking and observing, coaching directs energy to actively walk on the path leading to a solution YOU chose.
What is Dharana Life Coaching?
Dharana life coaching is a method that actively helps you achieving goals by adjusting your mindset with the help of a coach. The speciality of Dharana coaching is the focus on present moment awareness and a conscious adjustment of one's psychological patterns that are blocking ones path to success. Dharana coaching will work depending on your determination to reach your goal.
With the sessions we can discover whether you really have a clear idea of what you want and how to get there successfully. Whether you will meet these goals or not is entirely in the hands of mother nature but depends a great deal on your input. Why spending life believing that you are limited when managing yourself properly would expand your possibilities in no time.

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Counseling in Thailand

Counseling in ThailandCoaching and counseling is a great opportunity for those living and travelling here in Thailand to find professional support overcoming emotional and mental difficulties. Living in paradise can be extremely stressful. There are cultural differences which often lead to relationship issues, depression, anxiety and a lot of trouble. Some people come to Thailand because they want to change their life and start over. Life coaching and counseling sessions help a great deal to find solutions to present obstacles and move forward swiftly. It's very useful having someone to talk to and work with helping you to become aware of personal harmful patterns.     

What is counseling?

We structure Dharana counseling sessions in a way that creates awareness of eventual problems and harmful patterns you might be suffering from. By talking and analysing your situation in the light of present behaviour with the help of a counselor you can find out where these problems come from and how to deal with them the right way.

Problem Solving - Together

It's much easier to solve your problems with competent help at your side. Whether you feel stuck in depression, have problems with your children or in your relationship, suffer from insomnia or anxiety you will definitely benefit a great deal from talking with Tobi. He creates an environment where you are safe and welcome to be yourself. Stepping out from your usual surrounding and talking to somebody that is not involved will offer a new perspective. That way you have a competent friend helping you to get back on track and find your way again.

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About the Coach

Coach Tobi WarzinekTobi Warzinek is offering one-on-one as well as group coaching sessions at the Phuket Meditation Center. He based his coaching style on an extensive experience in the field of life coaching. His work as a counselor and life coach has started in the year 2009 when he founded the Phuket Meditation and Retreat Center with his partner Parn Sakda.
His experience partly comes from his studies in the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Switzerland where he was a student from 2002 until 2009. He has learned a detailed system of philosophical reasoning and psychology during this time which he has practically applied to help people since 2009.

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Coaching Fees

Phuket-Coaching-GroupYou can browse through all the prices and coaching fees on this page. We have different programs and solutions for you. Please have a look below. 
One on One sessions
One-on-one sessions are excellent if you want to progress fast and get back in control of your life with professional and direct help. We structure every session in a way that revolves around a problem and its solution. We will start a coaching relationship with the first session. We will find out what it is that you are looking for. Tobi will then create a program based on this session and suggest you how to progress best. You can contact us for more information.

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